three little pigs {& the big bad wolf}

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with a name such as three little pigs {& the big bad wolf}, you can pretty much guess who the main star here is : BACON! one of my food mantras is "like butter, everything is better with bacon"

i was introduced to this place about a month ago when my childhoold friends decided on this place for a brunch date. it so happens to be {ml}'s cousin's restaurant, which i thought was pretty cool. located in bangsar village one -- actually correction :: attached to mall, i had to ask the information counter to find out that it is outside of the mall, to the right as you exit the main entrance.

the awesome part was, i got coupons for free coffee with any purchase of an entree at three little pigs at the information counter. i suppose everything happens for a yummy reason ;) since my first visit, i have returned for a second time (when i actually took photos) with a dish in mind but {wy} beat me to it since she wanted the same dish and i had to choose between variety and desire. lol.

there are two entrances to this place, one as mentioned and the other is located somewhere in cold storage if you can find the mystical, magical door ;) hehe. 

one cool concept of this place is that it transforms at night :: 

when the sun goes down and the three little pigs go home, the big bad wolf comes out to play!

i read from a couple of blogs that the restaurant sheds it's sheep's clothing and wine racks appear at night, not visible during the day. 

the decor of the place took a more minimalist approach, perhaps to accommodate the concept they have for the restaurant.  most of the restaurant is clad in a grey hue with warm white and brown and the occasional punch of pink items. there are three dining sections one of which is the outdoor dining (which i will try to avoid esp in the hot and humid weather that is the combination of rustic and modern contemporary decor fills up the restaurant.

serving a mix of new american brunch favorites and italian cuisine, the menu is still expanding -- occasionally offering specials. since i missed out on pictures from my first visit, the dishes that i've tried then shall be summarized at the end of the entry :)

every girl loves a deal, especially when it comes to food for me ^^ a free coffee -- and not just any coffee, it ranges from latte, mocha, to americano and long black. since i had four coupons to share with my friends, {wy} graciously offered me her free cup of coffee to satisfy my caffeine love. and because she doesn't like coffee.

if you are wondering, the offer only lasted till the end of last year.. but i just checked on their facebook for this month of january, they are offering a free cookie with any purchase on their menu! if it was like any cookie they offered samples of that day, i think you'd love the chewy and chocolate-y goodness of it. i  actually contemplated asking for a second sample.

drinks :: cafe latte & cafe mocha

typically i would list down the price of these drinks but since i got them complimentary with the order of an entree, i've forgotten the price.  >< i think the range was about rm 7-9. i honestly didn't expect much from free coffees but these were surprisingly good. 

the foam art on the latte was weak but the taste made up for it. a good amount of foam, good quality espresso which was brewed quite nicely, displaying an underlying bitterness, which is what you want from a latte. definitely better than starbucks but doesn't beat my top two lattes that i love.

the mocha was a lot sweeter and quite a strong chocolate flavor that somewhat masked the espresso flavor. my verdict would be it is pretty good but {wy} was a fan of it although she doesn't like coffee. 

brekkies :: eggs benedict | two poached eggs with crispy pork bacon on toasted bread (rm 18)

{tyl} ordered this classic preparation of the benedict. i didn't taste it but from what i remembered my first visit where i ordered another rendition of the eggs benedict, the eggs royale, the bread could do a bit more toasting and the chewy texture threw me off - almost made me question the freshness of the bread. the poached eggs were done just perfectly with the yolk oozing its golden richness to the rest of the components. the bacon could have been slightly crisper but {tyl}'s verdict was "okay". 

spaghettis :: the wolf's favorite | creamy spaghetti with smoked pork bacon and button mushrooms, topped with a poached egg and crispy bacon bits (rm27)

{wy} and i wanted to order this dish. i had planned for this since my first visit >< and yet.. sigh. i had to pass on it because i wanted needed variety.

i mean what is there to not like about this dish?

mushrooms - love it. bacon - LURRRRVEEEEE it!! and that's bacon times two! crowned with a poached egg - yum! they should probably have a warning label that says "heart attack waiting to happen" (let's be honest here!) but if you are gonna do bacon, you gotta go all the way, the right way! 

simply put, it's carbonara with a smokey-and-poached egg twist - and without the hunk of cheese. the pork bacon lent a smokiness and saltiness to the dish and the crispy bits offered textural difference that the dish needed. pasta was cooked al dente. what surprised me was the fact, despite it being bacon heavy, the pasta needed a touch of salt and a pinch of freshly cracked black pepper probably wouldn't hurt.  

before you dig in, you gotta cut into the poached egg to accentuate the creaminess and richness of the dish. unfortunately, the cook/chef today overpoached the egg slightly :( which irks me a little. my first visit here saw all the eggs successfully poached  so i was a tad disappointed.

despite it being creamy (in a good way) which might have someone end up feeling full quite quickly, {wy} said that it wasn't the case for this one. but it was quite greasy when she got to her last bite, with the oil glistening at the bottom of the plate. i'd say it's a perfect dish for those who love bacon to bits and are not fans of green because there isn't any!

spaghettis and oven baked specialties :: baked meatlovers penne | homemade meatball, honey baked ham and pork bacon in traditional tomato sauce topped with mozzarella cheese (rm27)

i am not so much a meatlover but i was curious to see how well they would execute this dish. and i'm not saying that the combination of bacon, melted mozzarella cheese on top of tart and savory tomato sauce with a meatball didn't have a hand at swaying me! i loved the melty cheese on top blanketed the al dente penne. the strong flavors of both meats rendered the dish a little too salty which subdued the other subtle flavors of the tomato sauce which was tart - which ironically cut through the meatiness and the richness of this oven baked specialty.

the meatball was moist, made from pork and i would have enjoyed a dash of fresh herbs in it. while the dish overall was still quite tasty in flavor considering i finished the whole damn thing >< my mind can't help but wonder what could have been with the wolf's favorite.

the other dishes i've tasted here but failed to capture in film (*facepalm*). 

o1 . i am so hungry i could eat a wolf (rm 28) :: quite a variety of different things on a plate but i remember {kl} loved the sausages the most and liked the overall dish. 
o2 . eggs royale (rm 19) :: eggs benedict without the bacon but with smoked salmon - similar experience with the chewy bread - the hint of lemon in the hollandaise sauce helped cut through the smoked salmon that was slightly too fishy for my liking.
o3. spiced wedges (rm 9) :: some of them fried to perfection where the outside was crispy and the inside were soft, sprinkled with salt and paprika. {yk} wasn't sure about the sour cream as a dipping sauce but ended up liking it over the sweet chilli sauce.  
o4. caramel chocolate cake :: rich, moist chocolate cake and deep, fudgy chocolate goodness for the frosting. quite honestly, this cake could have done without the caramel since the caramel kinda took away from it.

while i didn't take much food pictures, but i managed to capture good times i had with friends from my first visit :)

while i am still searching for the best brunch place that offers new american favorites, three little pigs {and the big bad wolf} is one of the contenders for delicious brunch options. while there are some work to be done but i think the flavors of the dishes are heading in the right direction.

three little pigs {& the big bad wolf}  | location
lot g1a, ground floor, bangsar village 1
jalan telawi satu, bangsar baru
59100 kuala lumpur
phone : 603- 22832270
hours : 10 am to 10pm 

{yummy-ness | 3.5 forks out of 5 }
{worth trying | the wolf's favorite}

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.