cowboys food truck

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one of the newest trends in the malaysian food scene that is finally making headlines in the media is the food truck phenomena! and charging to the forefront in the familiar texan flag colors of blue, red and white colored truck is the cowboys food truck!

the brains & brawn behind this yummy rodeo is nizar - a cowboy hat wearing engineer who spent several years perfecting his bbq-ing craft in dallas, texas and his partner-in-crime, christopher who spent many years in the land down under where locals take the barbie very seriously. starting with a passion for barbecue-ing, they've translated their love into a menu that exudes the warmth of the southern hospitality through the familiar favorites of smoked meats and crispy fried goodness - a menu that are scarcely found even in restaurants.

with the exception of special functions, you can typically catch these cowboys at public bank at ss15 subang almost every night. but it's best to track them down on their instagram or like them on their facebook page to keep yourself up-to-date with their next stop!

the modus operandi: find the truck - pick out your favorites from the chalkboard menu - place your order - pay the amount (cash only, please!) - wait for your name to be called to get your order either having it there or to go. since food is freshly made to order in the truck, it is probably best eaten there and then for the full street food experience.

tttacos :: beefy boss | beef brisket, slaw, chipotle mayo + nachos (rm 12.90)

a fusion fair with a touch of mexican - a new addition to their menu! two medium sized tacos with warmed, soft, flour tortilla shells folded around a mix of fresh chopped greens that cushioned the generous amount of beef brisket basking in their signature secret bbq sauce. 

tangy, spicy, slightly sweet and a lil smoky sauce to moisten the pulled beef brisket, mellowed the satisfying flour tortillas. it may get a little messy in a yummy way, so be prepared with some extra napkins. 

to make it a complete meal, crispy corn tortilla chips topped with a dollop of savory, cheesiness sprinkled with some smoky paprika - adding a textural difference to the serving. it also gives you an option of crumbling the nachos onto your tacos to get it all in a single crunchy bite. a hearty, fulfilling grub with a very reasonable price tag! 

po'boy sandwiches :: the big texan | crusty french loaf, sliced slow smoked beef brisket, slaw & chipotle mayo (rm 12.90)

if you prefer bread over tacos, there is a similar version in the po' boy rendition, sandwiched between crusty french loaf where the chipotle mayo slapped my tastebuds with its spicy heat. maybe slightly too spicy for me >.< my personal preference is the soft tacos since the french loaf was a tad too crusty for my liking probably cos i'm more accustomed with softer breads with my po' boys. however, the smoked beef brisket was a winner with its tenderness and mildness in spice allowing the juicy game-y meat itself to shine.

meattt :: just wing it | half a dozen fried chicken wings tossed in garlic parmesan / spicy bbq (rm 12.90)

their signature dish is a definite crowd pleaser. if you find yourself undecided between the two sauces, just get the mix where you can get three each. freshly fried and warm, the wings had a light coat of batter enveloping the juicy, seasoned chicken on the inside. 

the garlic parmesan is definitely for the garlic lover - a prominent fragrance of garlic punch in the familiar saltiness of parmesan cheese that lends a creamier finish. 

the spicy bbq sauce, their secret weapon - tangy, spicy with a minor hint of smokiness - savory and mildly sweet tousled in a balancing act. the right thing to do is to lick the fingers so none of it go to waste. yum! :)

if you are craving for some good ol' southern US favorites at reasonable price tags, gallop your way to cowboys food truck's location to say howdy to these cowboys (wherever this adventurous pair will be) and lasso in some lip smacking, meaty goodness with the full street food experience.  

cowboys food truck| location
by public bank
at ss15 subang jaya
but best to confirm their latest spots on their instagram/facebook page
{opens daily (mostly): 6pm to 10 pm}

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.


milkcow at the gardens

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it has a tagline of "have a soft day!".
it has appeared several times in the k-drama, 'cunning single ladies' {앙큼한 돌싱녀}  (*swoon*..... joo sang wook!)

sorry, i got carried away.

south korean's premium organic brand famed for its soft serve ice cream - milkcow -  the craze for this creamy cold dessert spread like wildfire on a summer's evening as soon as it found its first malaysian home in a kiosk on the lower ground of the gardens mall, located just across from cold storage.

even months after its opening in november 2014, the long queue at the counter persisted out of the petite shop dressed the recognizable cow spots of black and white. with only a few small tables for dine-ins, it's probably a better idea to find your favorite spot at the mall to enjoy your cold cups of milky goodness.. 

made with all-natural organic ingredients, milkcow offers milky way, which is the starting point for the other ten options paired with some organic toppings. there is also the occasional new creations that grace the menu for a limited time, so look out for those!

organic soft serve ice cream :: milky cube | natural honey comb (rm 13)

introducing milkcow's signature creation, the milky cube. the sole reason behind my strong desire to try it out for the first time despite the intimidating queue.

the foundation: the soft serve ice cream itself. whispers of mild sweetness and of intense milky creaminess with a silky lightness that cools as it coats the tongue in a pleasant manner. hence, making it an ideal base for the lovely, floral notes of the liquid gold of honey that trickled down from its hexagonal wax cells. it may not be everyone's favorite due to the wax lining of the honey comb. the price tag may be a tad steep but it was evident why after the first spoonful which tasted just the way it promised - made with organic high quality ingredients.

organic soft serve ice cream :: black pearl | chocolate sauce, organic salt, cocoball topping (rm 11)

with the same beginnings, this was a sweeter choice between the two... the chocolate sauce was rich molten cacao, balanced by a very light sprinkle of salt.

as you savor your way to the bottom of the cup, a sweet surprise of chocolate maltesers greets you with its crunchy malt honeycomb center for a texture difference - a nice crunch against the backdrop of soft, smooth ice cream. it was slightly too sweet for my liking even with the salt and a little heavy on the richness but managed to get a nodding approval from my mom.

milkcow offers at least eleven of their sweet and cold selections built from the same foundation of all-natural milk base soft serve ice cream, topped with organic toppings. what i love about milkcow is the all natural flavor and the quality ingredients that shines in their own right in each bite.

while some call it overrated, i call it 'yum'! try it for yourself to see which camp you belong to :)

#protip: planning for more than one visits, don't forget your stamp card to get your 11th cup for free :)

milkcow | location
lg k23,
the gardens mall
midvalley city
 kuala lumpur
{opens daily: 10am to 10 pm}

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.


top eats of 2014

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as 2015 has taken its baby steps into the year, a hopeful foodie anticipates 365 days of new possibilities of creative flavors on a plate. a tradition that i've started since 2012, the year just doesn't feel complete without me reflecting on the top eats that left its lasting delicious impression in the year twenty fourteen. 

i think i may have counted six. you know the drill - the list is in no particular order:

one :: les deux garcon's salted caramel macaron

it isn't a secret that i am crazy for the fusion of sweet - salty. definitely a match made in heaven.

les deux garcon's salted caramel is the epitome of the greatness when it is done right. the sweetness of the caramel dominates but the salt is the ideal partner to accentuate and cut through the richness of the caramel. perfection in many ways - the texture of the shells are light and airy within the thin, crispy exterior that shatters at the lightest of bites. the creamy and rich rounded sweetness of the light filling begins with a familiar sweetness to end slightly with a mild saltiness at the back of the tongue. this delicate macaron has captured my heart and has taken one of the spots for "the best desserts i've ever had"

two :: uncle chiam's banana fritters & kuih bakul

between uncle chiam's two signature fried fritters - pisang goreng or the kuih bakul, which are both the definition of deliciousness in their own right. since i couldn't quite choose between the two, they both were deserving to make it to the list. both had a satisfying texture and a lovely balance of sweetness. the fried banana fritters are akin to caramelized sweet bananas, soft and sweet encased in the light batter while the kuih bakul achieved a balance between the layers that offered sweet, starchy and satisfying bitefuls. simplicity done right and  #soworththecalories 

three :: standing theory's bbc waffles

another examplary display of sweet & savory combination. (told you i am such a sucker for sweet-savory)

bacon, banana, cornflakes ice cream resting atop of waffles with a drizzle of palm sugar syrup. combine them all and you get love in one bite - the warm, cold, savory, sweet, crispy, soft, creamy, and rich all resulting to a satisfying comfort. it was so good that this single dish deserved its own entry. need to return for seconds!

four :: hk's tim ho wan's siu mai dumplings & bbq pork rice noodle rolls

an entry i can't wait to share about one of my most favorite food encounters i had in my recent trip to hong kong. i've been told that dim sum is tasty in hong kong and it was proven with this addition to the top eats list. siu mai. four freshly steamed morsels of meat goodness in a bomboo steamer, the skin of the dumplings were thin and light, wrapping the moist pork and inside, a whole fresh and sweet shrimp that mingled strongly with the flavors of umami. the first bite brought a smile to my face. 

yet another double entry from a single restaurant, the bbq pork rice noodles roll deserved to be part of the list. smooth broad rice noodles rolled to envelop the savory, moist and slightly sweetened bbq pork, accentuated by the sweet soy sauce where the ratio of the ingredients was balanced exquisitely to arrive to the flavors of savory with a light sweetness. 

five :: cameron highland's smokehouse restaurant's scone

this scone was like no other. imitation is the best form of flattery and i have tried making scones from scratch using different recipes but they paled in comparison. its texture was what i'd think the scone creators would have had intended this english classic to be. soft yet crumbly, which is similar to the texture of pie crust and biscuit combined in one - dense and slightly dry where the clotted cream and fresh strawberry jam make lovely pairings. those and of course, a cup of freshly brewed tea.

six :: the kitchen table restaurant's soft egg, streaky bacon, tomato jam, watercress & sourdough

farm-to-table concept, all the ingredients were made from scratch, including the tomato jam and the sourdough bread. the golden richness of the poached egg trickles down the bacon to meld with the tomato jam slathered on the slightly tart and crispy sourdough bread to highlight the savory smoky thick cut bacon. the watercress dressed in lemony vinaigrette lends a lighter note to complete the dish.

and there you have it :: the six eight dishes that topped my tasted, eaten & loved list of 2014. despite that, there is still some dishes that earned a quick mention but didn't quite made it to the list. call it the 'bib gourmand' of the list, if you will :p

 moccacino | azzuro italian cafe :: mocha with the foundation of illy coffee beans 
and varlhona chocolate.

shredded pork & century egg congee | hk's wong chi kei restaurant :: 
the century egg was of high quality and the congee was particularly smooth

milky cube | milk cow :: creamy, smooth lightly sweetened soft serve ice cream 
with natural honeycomb

there you go, go forth and eat away or maybe try some of these items from my list of favorites. if you've found something new that i have yet to try, i would love it if you could share it with me as always :)

entries about hong kong and some new food excursions to be written soon!

disclaimer this is written based on my personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.


renewed resolutions.

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looking forward to the sharing of a year of 
awesomeness, love, deliciousness, discovery & memorable experiences.


1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.
2. the quality of being determined or resolute.

with the arrival of a new year, our "forgotten" past year resolutions resurface to a look of feigned surprised confusion with our searching for the ever elusive answer to "where did the days go to fulfilling our resolutions?"

a look back to my past year, it was a roller coaster of ups and downs where thankfully, the ups outweighed the downs. it was a year of personal growth, discovery and many firsts that i am very much grateful for including some of these many highlights of twenty14.

my first uber fantastic laser tag battle

making it to the wall of fame to tie as with fastest time to escape the 'dungeon'

a relaxing beach getaway at krabi, thailand

a night with chef alvin leung at the magical dinner of molecular madness

my first fish spa experience - ticklish! hehe

a color runner for the first ever color run in malaysia

of childhood friends, catching up, love and weddings. making faces and wefies!

success with my food project of making croissant from scratch

trying to stand out in the crowd of too many people in kowloon, hong kong
['where is wally  sians?']
standing at the edge of macau "skywalk x" (separate post!)
--at 233 m off the ground at macau tower.

twentyfifteen spells a renewal of my resolutions from last year, mainly because while i may have made slight dents for some of them, it is still a work in progress before i can truly check it off as 'i have done it!'  oh, plus a new resolution of learning how to swim!

there are still so many to-do in my personal bucket list and many more firsts to look forward to. 

thank you so very for being a part of my wonderful 2014 and i hope to continue to share my 2015 with you :)

love you. xoxo

p.s. top eats of twentyfourteen will be featured in the next entry!