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it's been a while since i've been this excited about a dish.

so much so that this plate of awesomeness deserved its own entry. it's been around since nov 2o13 but it was only about 8 months later that i stumbled upon this brunch delight on my instagram feed.

it was an immediate reaction. waffles always catches my attention effortlessly and the rest was history. i knew i had to a piece of it and quickly. thus, off i went to standing theory in ss2 that very weekend with {owy}. 

all for this must-have dish: THE b.b.c. waffle.

we reached the cafe that was situated within a commercial row in the midst of the housing area and finding a parking space was a little challenging since parking was so limited and the road was narrow. 

{owy} was a tad surprise that it was not as packed as she expected. she had warned me that the popular dish could sell out after a certain time - which was why i insisted upon getting here early. 

the decor took on an affinity towards industrial minimalist with a splash of red punctuating the grey walls. similarly, the collection of mismatched tables, stools and chairs seemed to echo the theme with some injection of colors and finally finished with exposed bulb lamp to complete the story. i kinda adore the blackboard art on the menu behind the counter as well as the signs for the restrooms - a personal touch.

the petite menu for brunch/ lunch (11 am - 4:3opm) was limited and all four items were unrelated and from different regions.

my first impression, this cafe has the case of identity crisis. however, on the flip side, it offers enough variation and perhaps they only serve food that they are proud to have their reputation pegged onto - as they have admitted on their facebook page. 

we don’t serve a hundred items on our menu.
but we’ll serve from any cuisine. there are no strict rules when it comes to how we approach our food.
we’re small on the number of items – but big on the quality.

i think it took me longer to decide on the drink since the food was decided even before i got here. lol. btw, orders and payment are at the counter, cash only [#protip] but the food & drinks will be served at your table. glasses of plain water - self service at the counter, please. 

drinks all day -- tea/chocolate :: earl grey | (rm 7)

standing theory serves ronnefeldt tea which is founded in frankfurt by its namesake and it has been served in premium hotels and gourmet restaurants all around the world. {owy} seemed to enjoy the brew. 

drinks all day -- white :: cappuccino | (rm 1o)

their coffee menu offers flat white and cappuccino but no latte. however, the layer of coffee foam suggested this cup was more akin to a latte instead of cappucino. a lovely presentation with the coffee art and tiny cookie on the side. a decent cuppa joe but not as smooth and had a borderline over-brewed bitterness end note on the tongue. 

lunch :: b.b.c. waffles | waffles, smoked bacon, banana, fat baby cornflake ice cream + gula melaka syrup (rm 16)

this was the classic case of savory + sweet combination, which is probably one of my favorite-est  flavor profile. 

b.b.c.= bacon. banana, cornflakes ice cream. 

say whattttttt? 

what intrigued me more than the combination of the ice cream, waffles and bacon was the cornflakes ice cream. and the fact that it bore the name fat baby ice cream

fat baby ice cream lovingly describes their cornflakes flavor as ::

"we’ve all done it, soaked our cornflakes in the milk to get that slightly smoky milk flavour – that flavor is, what we believe, the best bit of eating cereal in the morning. this ice cream captures that and we’ve even added clusters of cornflakes caramelised with honey to boot. truly a breakfast of champions in our books!"

how i see it, this dish could do no wrong. it has already won half the battle even before i tasted it with its main elements 

√ bacon  {my motto: everything is better with bacon.}
√ waffle { my current obsession.}
√ ice cream {and a breakfast for champions one at that. 'fat baby' says so.}
√ banana { add something healthy to make us feel better}

first bite : yummmmm.. i smiled.


such satisfaction. 

the flavors of warm, smoky and savory, crispy bacon contrasted harmoniously with the cold creamy, slightly sweetened milk flavored ice cream with a the soft banana forked with waffle that absorbed some of the rounded sweetness of the palm sugar syrup. what made the dish special was fat baby's cornflakes ice cream which was as promised and i was pleasantly surprised with the occasional cornflakes that remained crunchy. it was reminiscent of frosted flakes in very cold milk. 

i loved the bbc waffle despite the waffles itself was overcooked where its texture was crispy all the way through with burnt edges where i was hoping more of an airy inside encased by crispy shell. (fix this pleaseeeee!) it also made me wonder if the dish could be elevated with the banana caramelized.

come afternoon, the crowd started bustling in and it quickly became really loud. if you were hoping to have a long chat, it would be not the best place as the other diners will give you the stare, eyeing for your table.

i have to admit that i am very biased towards savory + sweet combinations especially when it involves bacon and waffles. the b.b.c. waffle at the standing theory has clinched a spot on my favorite brunch food list and i can't wait to go back to have seconds. so i guess it doesn't matter if their menu only limited to four dishes for lunch cos i will always go back for the chosen one. 

standing theory | location
26, jln ss2/1o3,
473oo petaling jaya

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.

p.s. my molecular madness dinner experience with alvin leung is a blog entry in progress :) can't wait to share about it!