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a collection of my travel memories including restaurant tasting for personal keepsake -- which i hope will be helpful for those who are planning out their travel itineraries :)

these can be found arranged alphabetically based on countries -- then based on travel dates for multiple visits, where the latest travel story comes first.

for specific restaurant entries from my travels can be found either on {taste | asia} or {taste | usa} under their specific regions.

{ china | hong kong }
november 2014

{japan | tokyo}
july 2o12

{korea | busan}
october 2o16

- waiting for inspiration & time to get together

{korea | seoul}
august - september 2o12

{seoul throwback travelogue series}
 #1. bukchon hanok village | traditional hanok village and the perfect meal to complete the visit
 #2. samcheong-dong | tradition and modern artistry intertwined, featured along the street of samcheong

{korea | seoul}
august - september 2o12

{korea | seoul}
february 2o12

{south east asia | selected countries}
june 2o14

{thailand | chiang mai}
march 2015

{thailand | krabi }
april 2o14