i left a part of my heart in seoul

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i just returned from seoul a few days ago after spending a week and a half in this beautiful city in south korea. if you've been following me on twitter and fb, i'm pining to return to seoul in the near future.

what makes it so special? many fond memories made, awesome friendships forged, various delicious korean food tasted (much more about this) and meeting my favorite k-pop band, super junior and most importantly, my bias - lee donghae. this trip to korea definitely one of the most amazing highlights of the year, and possibly my life.

however, this was kinda a double-edged sword situation - glad i was there but sad that it was over rather quickly. it's been difficult since i'm missing my time in seoul and i reminisce almost everyday while constantly looking at the photos from the trip. however, at the same time, it has fueled my passion to learn the language and perhaps be able to hold a conversation in 한국어 during my next visit to seoul.

i promised to share some stories and pictures of my korea trip but that would have to wait for a few more days. bloody jetlag is still kicking my sorry ass - thought it would be over rather fast except i've been going to bed at 5am (better than the 8am a few days ago) >.<

the few instagrams i have here are just snippets that barely scratched the surface on how much i loved my experience there in seoul. so just stay tuned for more which i will post when i feel less exhausted.. ^^

서울 진짜 사랑해요! 재밌어요! 보고 싶어요! 정말로!
시간을 되돌려 멈출수만 있다면 정말 좋겠어요.
서울에서 내 시간을 가억해요! <3
(my korean language still needs a lot of work. so there are most likely some errors here and there)

in the meantime, i'm sharing this lovely song, written and sung by my bias from  super junior, 동해 entitled "beautiful"

i've left a part of my heart in seoul. absolutely loved it there.. i'll write soon! <3