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"tea is a religion of the art of life"

i had made plans with a friend to meet up at the book store before we headed out for a cup of coffee/tea. when i finally found her in the quiet book store in the late afternoon, she had already picked out a book by okakura kakuzou.

-- the book of tea.  

i almost chuckled,"i didn't know you were very much into tea too."

she and coffee has a special relationship, one that i might define as inseparable bffs - it was almost mandatory that by her side, a cup of coffee, be it warm/cold/decaf/with milk/straight black is necessary.

but, there are a few exceptions to the rule.

for one, tealily cafe's matcha latte is understandably a compelling one.

"unsuspecting without expectations but not without anticipation" was promptly substituted by "cravings deliciously steeped with excitement" after my first introduction to tealily cafe. hence, the 'understandably compelling'

"with tea amused the evening,
with tea solaced the midnight,
and with tea welcomed the morning"

nestled hidden within sukhumvit, the small cafe embodies the term 'teahouse' quite literally. a home converted into cafe, the decor reflected an old rustic charm in its mismatched wooden tables and chairs, where the owner drew inspiration from her visits to japan.

a framed drawing of a japanese girl with cats seemed to mimic tealily cafe's owner and her adorable scottish fold, mochi-chan :)

the one year old kitten (most likely the boss of this place), #mochithecat has his own personality and a need for independence (or so he thinks) but is very playful and during his spare time outside of his naps, he partakes the role of a good host, entertaining the guests at the cafe.

it wasn't long before i warmed up to the pleasant and cheery cafe owner and also felt right at home with her friendly mom. (plus my dining companion has become friends with the family) after conversations with the owner, it was her unmistakably passion and heart for the craft that shone most brightly behind her gentle demeanor - from sourcing high quality ingredients from kyoto, japan to keeping customers on their toes with the anticipation of regularly new creations on the menu, translating her personal insights into japanese culture.

"each preparation of the leaves has its own individuality, 
its special affinity with water & heat, 
its own method of telling a story"

beverage :: iced houjicha latte (thb 135)

resembling the appearance of local thai iced coffee, the darker hue of the houjicha - roasted japanese green tea - distinguished itself from the layer of milk, begging to be mixed for the first sip. it was a resounding expression of forceful roasted fragrance that lightly scorched the tips of floral notes of the green tea, rounded by the milk and murmurs of light sweetness. it was the depth of the intricate flavors that left a deep impression - and a declaration that this will be the yardstick for all the other future iced houjicha lattes.

"perfection is everywhere if 
we only choose to recognize it"

beverage :: hot houjicha latte (thb 130)

its warmer counterpart served in a traditional mug, possessed a deeper, accentuated nuances that proclaimed its presence blatantly.  i crinkled my nose at i tasted the unexpected strength of houjicha. sip after sip, i mulled it over  --  and came to a conclusion: the cold version edges out the warm; it must be the balance of flavor notes it struck.

beverage :: iced matcha latte (thb 130)

unroasted, the floral fragrance of the japanese green tea charmed the tastebuds but with clarity and cleaner disposition, sweetened lightly by the milk. i can't remember my dining companion ordering any other drinks from tealily except for the matcha latte.

"tea is a work of art and 
needs a mastermind to bring out its noblest quality"

desserts :: goma dango | dango, roast white sesame, roast black sesame (thb 135)

i've noticed that the owner steps away and into the kitchen whenever customers places an order of dessert from the menu. desserts does take a little extra time to be served because of her devotion of churning out made-to-order desserts, served fresh and warm. dango, the japanese dumpling was warm and soft with a slight chewiness, contrasted texturally by the roasted sesame for nuttiness.

desserts :: matcha brownie | matcha brownie, whipping cream, matcha sauce (thb 125)

this brownie may bring joy to matcha enthusiasts; the comforting warmth of the moist brownie with the familiar japanese green tea flavors with a light sweetness was inviting, when paired with the whipped cream, lighten the whole affair - it exuded the coziness of a homemade dessert.

my friend revealed that the book of tea was more than just about tea but linked teaism to the aesthetic and cultural aspects of japanese life.

“teaism is a cult founded on the adoration of the beautiful 
among the sordid facts of everyday existence. 
it inculcates purity and harmony, 
the mystery of mutual charity, the romanticism of the social order. 
it is essentially a worship of the Imperfect, 
as it is a tender attempt to accomplish something possible 
in this impossible thing we know as life.” 

if this is how tea is supposed to taste like, perhaps it's not a bad idea to learn a thing or two about life from the book of tea.

tldr // what sets tealily cafe apart is the owner's sensitivity to technique, ingredients and her passion to share her personal insight into japanese tea and culture. made to order desserts philosophy and excellent green tea lattes, both houjicha and matcha makes tealily cafe one of my favorite cafes in bangkok.

tealily cafe | location 
sukhumvit 39,
soi prommit,
bangkok,  thailand
{opens weekdays: 10:30am -6:30pm
weekends: 9:30am - 6:30pm} 

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.