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i flipped through my personal travel guide, making mental notes on the places i missed out the first time. 

it was just shy of 6 months since my first time. i was walking along the familiar quiet, tree-shaded alley, branching off from the busy and bustling main street as i walked towards my first weekend brunch  with my friend since i arrived in bangkok... again.

"oh, a new cafe just nearby! awesome..cos i'm really starving..."

my thoughts drifted just for a brief second - only half a year has passed but there were even more new cafes, trying to make a name for itself in this haven for coffee enthusiasts. 

after my first #bkkcaféhopping adventure (read here!), coffees and cafés were among the top things i was looking forward the most.

oh those and bagels...just mainly 'cos i've been craving for some good ones since i've returned from the US, which was several years ago....

.....so the craving was for  real

i snapped back to the present as we were led up to the second floor where the cafe's ambiance reflected a minimalist meet rustic with its warm, light wood hues blending in against the white brick wall; the space illuminated by the morning sunlight streaming in through the ceiling high, narrow bi-fold glass doors.

it was just one of the many cafes and hidden hole-in-the-wall local favorites i've tried as i checked them off my list. enthused doesn't begin to describe it. i've drunk way too much coffee and tea, tried the many desserts & brunches yet i am yearning to have more. 

i promise i will get to each one of them in separate posts as i try to devote the attention each of the eateries deserves, including the ones from the first series. no promises on the when though..

but first, the previews.

//1. brekkie.
organic brunch selections gravitating towards healthy.

//2. casa lapin x49.
a revisit to an old favorite for mocha. different location, same love.

//3. toby's.
a new kid on the block. rustic. cozy. classic french + new american brunch favorites.

//4. tealily's.
matcha & houjicha lattes mastered, close to perfection.

and of course the home of #mochithecat :)

//5. ceresia coffee.
a must have encore ofone of my favorite lattes.

//6. gallery drip cafe.
located in bangkok art and cultural center (bacc), an artistic with a touch of hipster stopover for an ice drip mocha.

//7. patisserie rosie.
delicately intricate desserts, flavors masterfully personified.

//8. d'ark.
another stopover - revisit for a teatime special. mini pastries + lattes.

//9. featherstone.
whimsy in its decor, faintly a la alice in wonderland.

//10. rocket.
the highlight: the d.i.y. hot chocolate. but caffeinated mocha was what i needed.

//11. warm wood cafe.
its name manifested in its decor, new american brunches with a twist.

//12. yellow spoon pastry.
quaint and simple cafe. my first canelé.
-- phenomenal.

full entries to follow soon after... i hope

having a foodie + coffee connoisseur friend who lives in bangkok is definitely a huge plus for me. and she's definitely have the formula down most of the time - delicious brunch and coffee with a punch.

even during my six-month-long absence after my first travels in the city, there were many new quaint and cozy cafés, offering a haven in their quaint, comfy space and their delicious renditions, seeking to find their spot in this ever evolving, exciting food scene in bangkok. so during your next visit, make time for a pit stop at these cafes for a quick cuppa or perhaps a sweet dessert or two, as you take a short break from your adventures, exploring this bustling city.

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.

-- apologies for the erratic entries. travel, life and work has taken over my life lately. and i've recently picked up online gaming again. but i will be striving to write a few entries on local eateries and some on bangkok in the next few weeks.