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the traffic was quieter in the morning. i watched with interest through the window of the jeep as we weaved through the narrow lanes - locals gathered around the street stalls, peppered randomly along the corners of the main streets, satisfying cravings from the plethora of street foods and engaging in light conversations with the vendor. 

my local coffee connoisseur friend had told me that i'd had to sacrifice some sleep to wake up earlier on a weekend morning despite the late night prior. as the car parked into an empty parking space, i noticed the commercial row was only about to rouse from its lazy saturday slumber.
so was i.

i was told the meeting with a blonde mocha at kaizen coffee would be worth the precious sleep i was missing.

jazz music filled the all-white narrow but long space that was accentuated by the straight minimalist black lines spanning the walls with a single striking blue line in the middle. the natural light streamed through the full length glass entrance that gradually melded seamlessly with the soft yellow lights as we walked deeper into the cafe. little round marble tops stood sparsely aligned in a similarly straight line along the dark grey cushioned bench against the wall. a diner was seated with a book in the hand while the coffee cools on the table while enjoying the soft music in the background.

baked goods crowded the quaint white counter right in next of the white spiral stairs that led to a similarly minimalist second floor of the cafe. we snatched up the last choc-almond croissant that was sitting behind its label as we quickly contemplated our breakfast choices. the other side of the stairs centerpiece where small bottles of cold brew coffee stayed cool within the illuminated glass case on a silver counter.

seated at the end of the comfy cushioned bench closer towards the entrance, i was splitting my attention between watching the traffic going by at a slower pace on a typical weekend morning to occasionally admiring the barista's working her magic at the espresso machine that was shining brightly in the spotlight while indulging in food conversations and waiting for our drinks to arrive.

displayed pastries :: almond croissant

i bit through the buttery, flaky crisp shell of the oddly shaped croissant (not quite a crescent), expecting the airy layers. instead it was more chewy, the croissant delicate layers were mushed by the sweet almond paste, hits the tongue cloyingly almost in a coy manner that it masked the nutty aspect of the almonds.

displayed pastries :: choc-almond croissant

similar rich butteriness and textures were emulated by this chocolate counterpart but its difference was what made it lovely. the heavenly melted chocolate injected a deep cacao richness that was a wonderful contrast against the sweetness the almond paste. chocolate made this a winner between the two.

displayed pastries :: apple-walnut raisin muffin

the cinnamon aroma hits the nose before its announced its prominence via the first bite, paired with its classic partners-in-crime sweet apple and nuttiness of walnut. a buttery and moist delight - similarly an apple crumble tart but in a dense, rich cake-like texture.

coffee :: blonde mocha

a double shot ristretto rendition was the reason behind the distinct mild bitterness of the coffee nuanced with cacao notes enhanced by the sweet chocolate. the chocolate shavings succumbed to the mild warmth of the coffee + milk, melted as i took a sip. a strong start of chocolate richness but yet the coffee managed to distinguished itself from each other but complement each other in a delicate balancing act for a smooth round finish as it trickles down the throat. definitely a flavor cup of mocha despite it being a little to sweet for me.

beverage :: hot chocolate

it were the same high quality chocolate that was the main star to this comforting drink of ye cold winter's night. the lovely chocolate was distinct but leaning towards a creamier/milky finish. a lovely drink nonetheless.

coffee :: cold brew 

a mini bottle and a paper cup with ice appeared on the counter before me as my dining companions merrily immersed in a coffee conversation with the barista. it read "fruitberry". my nose crinkled at the unexpected tartness followed by the transient bitterness that was fleeting - much like a period at the end of a sentence. ahh, first sips.

a coffee full of character from its floral notes flirting with the citrus lightness but finished with clean clear flavor as i continued to slowly savor the coffee. it was as if a little fun fair in my mouth with pleasant surprises of taste notes that collaborated in sync together.

tldr // kaizen coffee co thus was my first introduction to bangkok coffee scene and it was beautiful. coffee is a must here and blonde mocha may be the way to go if you love a strong chocolate+coffee combo. best with a double shot ristretto to have a balanced bitter-sweet relationship. on the cooler side, the cold brew is an awesome little surprise package. our pastry picks were mediocre.

kaizen coffee co | location
tai ping tower,
582/5 ekkamai soi
26 and 28
bangkok, thailand
{opens daily: 7am - 7pm}

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.