{seoul throwback #2} samcheong-dong

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a continuation of the seoul #throwback travelogue series. and this time, as promised in the last entry: samcheong-dong

just a flight of stairs from bukchon hanok village, samcheong-dong is where tradition and modern artistry intertwined. not typically on the priority list for tourists, sam means "three" and cheong for "clean or good" in the samcheong where its name is given in reference to the three things it has plenty of: clean water, beautiful neighboring mountains and kind-hearted residents.


its traditional calm beauty shone amidst the integrated modern petite, chic and artistic galleries, restaurants, shops and cafes. i'd probably not have found this place if it wasn't for my homestay mom to have recommended this place.

since i spent most of my time at bukchon hanok village, i've only managed a short time at samcheong-dong since i already made plans with my hk buddy {lst} as well as the homestay family for dinner. a quick walk around the area highlighted its serenity, comfort, personality as well as character that radiates through every turn of the street.

hidden in one of the alleyways was a lovely little cafe which had an odd mix of eccentricity and coziness: cafe yoonbi's salon {윤비네 싸롱}

the decor did not exactly consist of all things cute-sy but more of a blend of action figurines with artistic pieces both modern and vintage which strangely worked together.

all the walking in the warm weather called for a chilled drink to fuel the rest of my journey and what's better than a cup of freshly squeezed sweet green grapes. definitely the perfect thirst quencher of honey-like sweetness with a soft tart ending and a burst of freshness while i tried to find my way out of this minor maze with the help of my trusty map.

eventually, i was greeted by a serene corridor arched by a line of green trees on the humid-end-of-summer day. a few sign boards along the way indicated i was walking towards the direction of insadong - the hub of traditional souvenirs which i will be covering in the very near future.  :) 

personally, i've only managed to experience two of the three abundance as its namesake implies since i've only encountered a snippet of what samcheong-dong can offer . in comparison to bukchon hanok village, samcheong-dong featured a more modern artistic range of petite shops frequented by art lovers, tourists and adventurers alike while still paying homage to the tradition of the old architectures.