fat spoon

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fat spoon had me at its decor.

well, at least enough to get my attention

my story with fat spoon started with a friend's instagram picture. like its decor, i found the whimsical creativity of using story book favorites we used to grow up with somewhat endearing . probably a blasphemy to book lovers though >.<

located in damansara uptown, its exterior is reminiscent of the petite colonial houses in penang island and malacca, with detailed accents - a home-y feel that is inviting.

i am kind of a sucker for vintage inclined decor in a modern setting, which was its main theme. it's interesting how fat spoon is able to make disjointed pieces of decor work tastefully together, which i loved. almost eccentric but artsy.

to capture the cozy ambiance, the presence instax of happy moments centralized at the wall as you enter the restaurant, the rustic feel of the furniture pieces with the backdrop of walls of exposed clay bricks completes the whole stage.

i was expecting the story book menu so i wasn't taken aback when i was handed peter and jane books. the menu was an interpretation of malaysian homemade classics with a fusion of different cultures, which i have yet to decide whether it was good or bad.

grandma's recipe :: sambal fried rice | wok fried rice with sambal belacan and dried prawns served with kunyit fried chicken (rm 11.90)

a favorite at fat spoon, i usually try to not take huge chances with food choices when it comes to my first time at restaurants. i was expecting a plate of spicy fried rice but instead was surprised by the sambal belacan served separately in a little dish. on the upside, you could decide if you'd want it to be hot or just mild. the fried chicken dusted with the lovely pinches of salt, pepper and tumeric was fried to perfection resulting to crispy skin encasing the moistness inside. but i did wish the piece of meat was a tad bigger.

the fried rice sprung pleasant surprises of the chopped up dried shrimps in some bites, lending the occasional seafood-y burst of saltiness but in general could have used a bit more seasoning.. the undercooked long beans could have definitely used some more time in the pan. the main star of the dish - the sambal was a spicy yet delicious accompaniment that worked so well with the rest of the ingredients on the plate.

grandma's recipe:: spicy beef macaroni soup | a comforting bowl of spicy beef broth over served over macaroni (rm 11.90)

{wy} was in the mood for something soup-y and i was more than happy to give it a taste when she offered. from the one sip, i thought the taste was lackluster and would have benefited from the additional seasoning. it was missing the robust flavor that i was searching for when it was neither here nor there with the spiciness but it did offer some comforting warmth.

{wy} requested for a couple more of lime halves to try to spruce up the flavor profile which helped give it a tart note to the otherwise monotonous broth.

grandma's recipe:: dry spicy beef macaroni | dry version of our signature spicy beef macaroni garnished with coriander & topped with medium boiled egg (rm 11.90)

this was probably my least favorite of the bunch. the under seasoned noodles was topped with equally under seasoned beef which rendered the dish bland. so much so that the coriander was a pleasant addition even though i am not a huge fan of the herb.

spicy... ever so slightly. 
dry... yup, perhaps too dry that i had to shower the noodles with the bowl of soup on the side (which was also the intention to add flavor).

i even had to ask a couple more lime halves to salvage the bowl of noodles but even after the addition, i just couldn't finish it. the medium boiled egg was cooked very well though but not enough to make up for the rest of the dish.

desserts :: red velvet cake (rm 9.90)

one of my favorite cakes, i'm always searching for one that blows me away. the classic pairing of cocoa infused cake with cream cheese frosting, this one did not have the right proportions of sweetness (it was too sweet) and the tartness of the cream cheese to counterbalance. the other flavors were so pronounced that it took the cocoa flavor out of the equation. and what surprised me even more was when they served the cake warm - it was probably heated the microwave for a few seconds. i chuckled at the first warm bite...never have i had red velvet cake warm especially with cream cheese frosting and it threw me of in a not so good way. 

fat spoon serves malaysian classics which we have grew up eating in our homes slightly updated with the chef's personal twists. as the decor is reflection of its foods, it was almost as if fat spoon's intention was to invoke childhood memories but just with a touch of sophistication, tugging at heart strings as you dine at the cozy restaurant. unfortunately, i think i was more besotted by its decor than by its food. if you're interested in trying, i'd say keep to the classic favorites.

fat spoon | location
73 jalan ss21/1a
damansara utama,
47300 petaling jaya

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{worth trying | sambal fried rice }

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.