reporting from seoul

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a week ago, typhoon bolaven almost cancelled my second trip to korea that i honestly had probably a grand total of one hour of sleep because of delays that left us guessing if the trip was even going to happen...

delayed for almost nine hours, we finally boarded our flight to seoul with a ton of thoughts running through our minds. 


seven awesome days with my sister and her family, going on a tour guided by mr park that included seoul, jeju island and nami island... 

now i am left to my own devices. for a week.

honestly, i am a tad nervous since i am traveling alone although it's not my first time. it would be a lot better to have someone to explore the city and do food tours/tasting with me >.< i think it has more to do with my choosing homestay as my accommodation of choice since i am living in someone's home...

but more on that when i actually write my full entries and well....when i've actually have been here for more than five hours.. lol

but so far, homestay mom is really friendly, she has three dogs, a vegetable garden on the roof and a  beautiful flower garden outside her apartment. she loves tea, chocolate and gardening is what i've gathered. oh, i've made a new friend from hongkong who is also here on homestay. 

first dinner here was a really good roasted chicken dinner from {굽네치킨}. delivered since it was raining rather heavily and shared with {st} over some personal stories ^^

long story short -- entries are coming slower than expected -- my japan travelogue. well, it would be a lie if i said i started it unless you count the title.. and that's just a draft title. but first japan then korea. perhaps a couple of restaurant/recipe write ups in between. i haven't quite decided yet >.<

till my mind has figured it out, here are a little snippets what i've been up to via instagram (if you've been following my instagram feed then you've probably seen these ^^ -- sorry but you'd have to wait for the full entries cos i am just too exhausted to transfer them and pick the nice ones out right now...)

(oh...and i am behind in donghae's miss panda and hedgehog series!! )

i'm off to catch up on some 동해-appreciating ㅋㅋㅋ. ^^ i'll try to update some when i have time from shopping and sightseeing! ^^ till then. 

또 만나요!

--reporting from seoul! ♥ 사랑해!