laundry room fun with lina teoh

9:43 AM Sian Mei Yeoh 2 Comments

maybe it's me being in korea and influence of samsung got to me...

or.. i really like my new clothes so good laundry-ing is a big part of clothes care...

or perhaps because my sister asked me to post it...

or perhaps the most honest reason is because i want to win the gift from plus.size.kitten... ^^

and i think it's a PLUS (!!) that i ♥ kittens!

regardless the reason..check this video out. ^^ 

all details about this post came from here: plussizekitten's blog .. refer her blog for more information ^^ and if you'd like to minimize my odds of winning those prizes by joining it yourself :p (hehe..i was just kidding. please join! ^^)

i'm sure you love your clothes so take a few minutes to watch the vid :)

p.s. i love korea! haha


Tammy Miu said...

thanks Sian Mei! hahha.. minimizing your odds!!!!!dun la weiii :)

Sian Mei said...

lol i was just kidding! honestly i was! but i added a "disclaimer" just in case k ;)