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have you ever faced this rather odd conundrum?

you're at a place where there is abundance of restaurants/food places and yet it seems like there is nothing to eat.

similarly reminds you of the typical dilemma of owning a full wardrobe but nothing to wear, huh?

actually, that was what led us to the discovery of a surprisingly pleasant find that involved japanese cuisine and noodles :: ori-udon. highlighting the flavored sanuki {さぬき} udon, ori-udon collaborated with the renowned udon expert, fujimoto-san of sanuki udon in taman desa (wishlisttttt!) in paying tribute to the noodles that is characterized by its square shape and flat edges. 

located on the lower ground floor in the mid valley gardens mall, the noodle shack sits right next to cold storage.  its decor has taken a liking to the modern wood theme as it mimics the interior of noodle shacks in japan. coupled with the open dining area with an open kitchen, it creates a more casual and relaxed ambiance.

there wasn't any waiting for seats since it was without a crowd attributed by the fact that it was still early for dinner. the menu was predominantly udon and with sides of tempura/karaage as well as kushiage {串揚げ} or deep fried skewers for your choosing. 

fresh handmade udon - soup :: niku beef udon (rm 9.9o)

swimming in clear warm broth, the udon were crowned with thin slices of beef which were slightly under-seasoned but overdone, which was a tad disappointing. the yolk from the soft cooked eggs dispersed its richness throughout the soup as i pierced the chopsticks into the yolk. the soup had a simple, clean flavor profile that allowed the noodles to shine but i thought i detected a slight hint of ginger in the soup to which {sysm} disagreed.

the freshly handmade udon makes a difference with its springy, chewy texture that was pleasant. it was cooked el dente that granted lovely, satisfying slurp-fuls. i thought the soup needed more of a punch of flavor but {sysm} enjoyed it just the way it was. 

ori udon set menu :: set 4 - mentaiko + karaage + green tea (rm 13.9o)

to be honest, i was drawn to the word 'mentaiko' on the menu and it was a done deal. mentaiko is marinated roe of pollock and cod. i may or may not have second thoughts with my order when the wait-staff asked me hot or cold and informed me it was a dry version. 

after a few seconds of uncertainty, my answers were yes and hot. served with a dollop of the coral colored yumminess, seaweed strips, a spoonful of mayonnaise and finally completed with a soft cooked egg.

stirring all the ingredients together, the el dente noodles were coated with a thickened, rich sauce of mentaiko and mayonnaise, decorated with speckles of dark green from the seaweed. the mentaiko 'sauce' had a rich, salty, savory, subtly spicy, briny seafood flavor that created a celebration on my palate. it may not be for everyone though especially if they are not one for prominent flavors of the sea. personally, i have not eaten this version of yummy mentaiko udon before which i think is rather special.

a side of fried chicken which was marinated in ginger, garlic and soy aka karaage { から揚げ} was served with teriyaki sauce sassed by hot japanese mustard. while the dark meat chicken remained juicy and moist, the coating could have been crispier and less greasy. the sauce is a saving grace that compensated for the chicken's shortcomings especially the hot japanese mustard that gives a kick similar to its traditional counterpart of wasabi coupled with the savory, tangyness but with a tinge of sweetness. 

side dishes :: kakiage (rm 3)

a basket of shredded vegetables, prepared tempura style. {sysm} felt that it was a dish not to be missed since she quickly realized that as crowd begins to fill the tables at the restaurant as dinner time approaches, it was a feature on almost every table. 

a combination of thinly shredded vegetables - which i guessed are carrots, onions and burdock root meant a natural sweetness, with the satisfaction of biting into the slightly crispy tempura shell that encased the soft inside. addictive, especially when dipped in the teriyaki-hot japanese mustard sauce. however, the greasiness quickly became evident which may have attributed to the tempura shell being less crunchy. the flavors are nice but execution had some room for improvement. 

for fans of green tea, rejoice because the tea (hot or cold) is refillable. 

ori udon has called mid valley gardens home since the end of 2o13 so it is a mystery that i haven't notice this quaint noodle shack until last week. the phrase "better late than never" aptly describes the discovery of ori udon because i foresee a follow up visit when the cravings strikes, especially for its mentaiko udon.

ori udon | location
lg-k01, lower ground floor,
mid valley gardens,
lingkaran syed putra,
59200 kuala lumpur

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.