renewed resolutions.

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looking forward to the sharing of a year of 
awesomeness, love, deliciousness, discovery & memorable experiences.


1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.
2. the quality of being determined or resolute.

with the arrival of a new year, our "forgotten" past year resolutions resurface to a look of feigned surprised confusion with our searching for the ever elusive answer to "where did the days go to fulfilling our resolutions?"

a look back to my past year, it was a roller coaster of ups and downs where thankfully, the ups outweighed the downs. it was a year of personal growth, discovery and many firsts that i am very much grateful for including some of these many highlights of twenty14.

my first uber fantastic laser tag battle

making it to the wall of fame to tie as with fastest time to escape the 'dungeon'

a relaxing beach getaway at krabi, thailand

a night with chef alvin leung at the magical dinner of molecular madness

my first fish spa experience - ticklish! hehe

a color runner for the first ever color run in malaysia

of childhood friends, catching up, love and weddings. making faces and wefies!

success with my food project of making croissant from scratch

trying to stand out in the crowd of too many people in kowloon, hong kong
['where is wally  sians?']
standing at the edge of macau "skywalk x" (separate post!)
--at 233 m off the ground at macau tower.

twentyfifteen spells a renewal of my resolutions from last year, mainly because while i may have made slight dents for some of them, it is still a work in progress before i can truly check it off as 'i have done it!'  oh, plus a new resolution of learning how to swim!

there are still so many to-do in my personal bucket list and many more firsts to look forward to. 

thank you so very for being a part of my wonderful 2014 and i hope to continue to share my 2015 with you :)

love you. xoxo

p.s. top eats of twentyfourteen will be featured in the next entry!