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adj. energetic, lively, playful, high spirited.

frisky goat.
noun. bakery cafe.
"this is the story of 3 girls & one goat sharing the same, drink, chill"

a new addition to the ttdi neighborhood that started about two months ago. 

a.k.a. sian's mission o2.

an intriguing name, indeed. at the mention of frisky goat, curiosity grips onto our interest. that and their promise of waffles and other brunch plates.

however, reading their 'about' section on their facebook page that says "3 girls and one goat", it got me wondering which particular goat?

a very petite cafe, located right next to public bank. it pays ode to the rustic style with a modern farm chic accentuated by main hues of blue, white and black. the focus is the red brick wall, on which was interestingly adorned by picture frames of animated animal faces and ironically was missing the goat. its light fixtures danced perfectly with the theme in a loving manner which was also my favorites of the decor.

there were also a few patio seating, if you arrive early enough or don't mind the humid heat.

as it is a bakery as much as it is a cafe, a myriad of croissants and breads sat proudly displayed at the front of the store with the homemade dessert options just around the corner.

it was packed as {mh} and i arrived at about 10:30 am and we were so grateful to have found a parking spot. even happier when we didn't have to wait for a table since someone probably just left as we arrived. the place looked very packed and a steady stream of diners came in after us, looking for a table for their brunch savoring.

with a healthy amount of breakfast classics as well as lunch selections to choose from, i was there for one reason: waffles. i have had this weird obsession for waffles for a few months now - searching for the one to rival the best waffles i've ever had thus far from the publican in chicago. 

and if you are here for the same reason as i do, the kitchen is closed from 3pm-6pm. be sure to be there prior to 3pm. and they are closed on mondays.

coffee & tea :: latte (rm 9) & twg's creme caramel tea (rm 9)

i consider my brunch is incomplete without caffeine. basic and simple espresso & milk: latte. the coffee in general tasted alright with nuances of bitter notes at the end. still not close to the best i've had.

if you like twg teas flavors, frisky goat has a collection of some interesting as well as classic tea flavors served with a pot of hot water; refillable as long as your tea leaves still impart enough flavor - perfect for the long conversations with friends. {mh} seemed to think her selection was just alright..

almost all day breakfast :: eggs saumon royale | seared salmon & poached egg over waffle, served with sauteed mushrooms, tomato hollandaise sauce & toast. (rm 21)

wafflesssssssssss. oooo!

i was a bit skeptical on the whole savory waffles type of deal but i love myself a savory brunch plate.  something was amiss about the dish - why were there toasts on my dish? with no butter nor jam. and what were i to do with it since there already is a waffle? carb overload? i think a lightly tossed green salad would have made more sense in adding the much needed color to the presentation and perhaps bring the dish to its full circle.

the waffle was lightly savory, stacked with a some vegetables and a nicely poached egg that lavished its rich yolk to the creamy hollandaise sauce which was slightly tart from the tomatoes; essentially, a creamy tomato sauce. the waffle itself reminded me of a cake-like texture but i was hoping a more airy within encased by a crisp shell.

the seared salmon flaked effortlessly with retained juiciness but wished it had a crispy skin and a touch more salt. the mushroom was sauteed with a bit of garlic and salt although my personal preference would be a combination of different types of mushroom. however, all these ingredients combined in a bite did work together - not in an outstanding way but it was good.

almost all day breakfast :: salmon scramble| creamy scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, salad & toasts (rm 17.9o)

when {mh} picked this out from the line up, i realized it was not a good day of salmons out there. lol. i loved the color splash from all the fresh ingredients.

the smoked salmon was slightly over cured when eaten on its own but was ideal with the slightly under seasoned eggs, which was probably the whole intention. it was also strong on the smokiness for me, taking away the natural flavor of the fresh salmon but {mh} liked it better that way. the toasts on the other hand: she was left wondering if they deliberately had one toasted and one semi toasted - the perfectly toasted piece won her over while the salad left a bitter taste with the choices of greens that it made {mh} pushed it aside, untouched except for the cherry tomatoes.

frisky goat tries to create a culture of eat, drink, chill but the last seemed to be a challenge with hungry diners staring at my table that i could almost feel them willing us to pay the check so they could begin their own brunch session (in our case, we were seated almost next to the door). the staff were attentive and eager to help, which is a plus and despite there was a line waiting for table, they didn't pressure us to leave. the cafe has gathered quite a following that the petite sized shop is too small of a space to contain the number of diners that it could get a bit noisy for conversations.

the cafe strives to bring innovation and creativity into some of their renditions of brunch classics, which is a welcome change to the almost saturated cafe scene but i think it could go either ways based on the execution of their ideas. it is still probably worth trying to find your favorite brunch dish here.

frisky goat | location
72, jln burhanudin helmi, 
taman tun dr ismail
6oooo kuala lumpur

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.