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hipster. but in a good way, of course.

it has become a trendy and popular rendezvous for new cafes to prove themselves with their brunch offerings and coffee. 

in fact, the ideal hunting ground for a caffeine lover such as myself in search for THE perfect brunch.

let's call this mission o1. 

you might have guessed the reason behind the name but interestingly it represents four friends from different indie bands who came together to play a different kind of song - a quaint, charming cafe that serves brunch classics. 

however, it was a challenge to find the cafe without a proper signboard to exclaim "you are here !" since i had to guess where it was based on gps. (please put one up - it will be good for the directionally-challenged)

perhaps the best clues to help with locating the cafe are: 
one - look out for a black canopy; and 
two - it is behind the row that faces the main road. 

hopefully it will help you find the place a little easier....that and good luck! ;)

in spirit of its name and true to its hipster neighborhood, the vintage-like contemporary and minimalist decor houses a collection of vinyl records and the record player spinning some almost forgotten tunes. in fact, the music corner was probably my favorite spot of the cafe that suggests a laid back ambiance that is suggested throughout the rest of the space with their choices of comfy furniture.

quar/tet manual: useful food purchasing tips.

o1. the menu: its on every table - limited selection of the usual brunch suspects as well as some sandwiches.  oh and bagel too.

o2. food and drinks are ordered at the counter and pre-paid (the sign asks nicely enough ;) ) and cash terms ONLY.

o3. semi-self service. the drinks should be collected around the corner at the drink station where you have the power to choooooseee! sugar syrup, honey, vanilla sugar, cocoa! take your pick! and you can get complimentary water here too.

btw, food is delivered to your table....hence the semi-self service. drink - counter. food - table.

o4. check out dessert on the way to your table so you would know if you should save some tummy space for some sweet endings after the meal. 

the menu is limited that the handful of food offerings and drinks could all fit in a single page but there was a mix of sweet and savory brunch options.

the coffee department :: latte (rm 9)

commonly this was my measuring stick to test the skills of the barista with the coffee. not bad but not my favorite. mainly overcame by bitterness. off to the next latte.

other beverages department :: iced chocolate (rm 10)

{mh}'s insight: very similar to local's cocoa drink - the milo and she would have preferred more richness in the chocolate.

the food department :: french toast | soaky eggy bread served with golden syrup and berries compote (rm 12)

two pieces of white toasts in thick cut triangles, basked in the pool of golden sweetness and punctuations of red and deep blue hues from the berry mix of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries reduced in a sweet and tart compote and finished with the mandatory sprinkle of powdered sugar. the serving size was huge considering the price which is a plus point. it was as tempting as i remembered from my friend's instagram of the same french toast that induced immediate cravings - i just couldn't wait to dig into it.

while some crispiness bordered the rest of the soft toast, as i cut into one of the edges revealed white insides of the bread. i was anticipating for an almost-bread pudding-like consistency in the  middle so perhaps a longer soak in the sweetened egg mixture jacuzzi could have done a lot of good! the berry compote was borderline cloyingly sweet on its own but was a great accompaniment with the french toasts. even so, it was almost monotone that it left me seeking for the occasional contrasting exclamation in both flavor and texture. two triangles in and i was done - granted that the serving size was huge.

the food department :: eggs ben | turkey ham, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce (rm 15)

presentation was simplistic..minimalist, if you will. it looked rather drab but sloppy on the huge, bare white plate, somewhat clunky. definitely could have used a side salad to bring some color and brightness to the dish to elevate the dish further with an injection of freshness. the under-seasoned eggs benedict was served in the most literal sense to its description on the menu on the too lightly toasted english muffin halves.

the positive, the poached eggs were done beautifully with its rich bright yellow yolk streaming down the layers of turkey ham and english muffin in the sexiest way. all the ingredients were there but the dish itself was just mediocre.

quartet's comfortable, laid back ambiance and friendly staff stole the limelight at this brunch establishment. while it is awesome that the price tags are in the lower end compared to similar brunch counterparts, it was reflected in the basic and very classic intepretation of their menu items where a few tweaks in flavors profiling and execution could elevate the flavors to another level.

quar/tet | location
21, lorong datuk sulaiman 7,
taman tun dr ismail
6oooo kuala lumpur

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.