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" burps & giggles"

hmm. an intriguing name for a restaurant/cafe.

my theories behind its name?

o1. representation of "boys & girls"? coincidentally, they both have the same initials : b & g.
o2. burps & giggles are typical at a good meal with good company.
o3. it's just an eye-catching name.

well, its whimsical name was what initially captured my attention but it was the other blog reviews that brought me there.

there was a wait list when we arrived but managed to get a table in 5 minutes because we agreed to squeeze in a small table.  i savored the artistic, bright and disjointed art murals that crossed the three petite old school shops. a collection of vintage rustic decor pieces gave the restaurant character that revolved around childhood nostalgia. my sisters, on the other hand, had a different views on the decor and wasn't too fond of it.

the pork free menu can be found all around the shop on chalk boards but it irks me that they didn't have printed menus. since there was a lack of manpower due to cny celebration, the restaurant served only a limited menu of gourmet burgers and i was slightly disappointed since i was looking forward to taste some savory crepes. good thing they still offered the other item i came here for  - the prized wagyu burger!

burger :: bam-bam burger | wagyu pattie, egg, cheese, tomato, beetroot, carrot, horseradish, onion (rm 28 )

prized wagyu patty for under rm 30 is considered a steal. the tower of sunny side up egg, slice of slightly melted cheese, wagyu patty, a thick slice of tomato and beetroot with a slather of horseradish sandwiched between the slightly toasted burger bun with carrot slaw.

just listing out the ingredients itself is quite the mouthful, so needless to say, trying to wrap my mouth around the burger was definitely a challenge that i had to resort to knife and fork to devour this (i'm probably getting a disapproving look from burger connoisseurs - sorry!)

let's begin with the star of the burger - the patty. since the meat was finely minced, it was difficult for me to discern if it was truly wagyu. cooked medium well, the well seasoned beef patty was moist and juicy to the point it falls apart but i would have preferred a better crust on the meat. the burger was over-sauced from the carrot slaw  made it very rich on top of the sunny side up egg. in the midst of the different flavors, the cheese and beetroot faded into the background, almost unnoticed.  a solid burger but would have definitely preferred less sauce on this burger that over powered everything else. 

chicken sausage & cherry tomato quiche | soft baked eggs in puff pastry (rm 10)

burps & giggles calls it egg tart but it resembled more of a quiche to me.  this breakfast favorite can be found in the pastry display by the counter. 

encased in a buttery and flaky puff pastry, the chicken sausage pieces and eggs were soft baked where the undercooked yolk oozed its golden love over the dish to give some nice richness, which is makes it lovely.

while it was tasty and my sisters actually chose this as a favorite over the burger for the simple pleasures of breakfast elements, it could have shone brighter with a sprinkle of seasoning, more cherry tomatoes for a tart freshness and fresh herb to just bring the whole dish to a home run.

coffee ::  latte (rm 10)

i was first greeted by lovely coffee foam art. call me a picky coffee drinker, this latte was overbrewed, proven by its over-bitterness. (btw, i know coffee is supposed to be bitter but good coffee has a great balance of bitterness and tartness) so i wasn't a huge fan of this glass of latte.

cake 10 | cheesecake (rm 10)

the dessert choices of the day were also as limited as their entree menu. my sister picked out a cheesecake, which had a base that i'd venture a guess was oreo crumb crust. perhaps an oreo cheesecake? sadly, there was something slightly off putting about the flavors, which was also too sweet for me. there was the occasional punch of mint, which i am not a fan of and neither is the edible confetti on the cake. 

burps & giggles has a promising menu with a huge selection that could make boys burp and girls giggle except it didn't really happen for us. with some finesse in the execution of food, it could leave us in stitches.

burps & giggles | location
93-95 jalan sultan yussuf
3oooo ipoh,

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.


ykristen said...

my comments of the place except for the quiche or what they call egg tart, its way way overrated