of new year resolutions!

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it's the new year and my first post of 2o13 and thought i should start it with...

HAPPY 2013! happy new year! woot!
may your 2013 be filled with more yumminess, love, smiles and awesome memories! ^^

so how did you usher in the new year?

okay, i am not the one to come up with new year resolutions -- in fact, this might be my first list in a very long time.... 

since i've gone through quite the change in 2o12, why not do another thing differently this year?

i have not really made any resolutions before so.. please excuse me if i got it all wrong lol.

o1 | more blog entries! while i am at it, NOT be behind on my blog entries.   
-- i have so much to catch up on! i apologize and please, please bear with me! 

o2 | get a job! (MOST important!) 
-- good news is it's in the works right now!

o3 | have a more cheerful demeanor! be more positive and confident :)
-- this will be quite the challenge lol

o4 | have more determination in learning the korean language!
-- this has not been as successful while trying to self study the language but i need to motivate myself to have a consistent schedule! anyone volunteer to help me be on track with this?

o5 |  make new friends + meet new people while maintaining existing friendships
-- any takers? :D

o6 | be more open to trying new experiences + events
-- yup, very much interested in this, need a buddy to this with me :)

o7 |  have more patience and if there is nothing nice to say, zip it!
-- patience is a virtue and hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil!

o8 | set aside some time to sharpen my cooking skills + trying out new recipes + starting on my new cooking book!
-- i have been neglecting my improving on cooking skills but i have been eating out quite a bit

o9 | restart my health regime -- pick up zumba again and drink tons of water!
-- yup ...surprise surprise!! i used to do zumba lol ^^

1o | acquire a go getter attitude and not be afraid to make mistakes
-- this would be an interesting resolution to live by

while i am at it, there are a couple of things on my wishlist subject to moolah ::

-- attending super junior's related events (esp ss5!) so i can see more of donghae in person :) he's filming a movie soon ^^

-- traveling "to gather more materials for travel log"

-- attend my close friend's wedding in UK, that's you, {kch}!

while these lists may seem lacking, that's all i have for now -- more than enough for me to handle actually lol.  more resolutions may come my way as the year progresses but please follow me on this journey through my entries since i am more resolute be a better blogger in the next year. ^^

love you guys and have a great 2013 ahead! 

hugs and kisses