malaysian flight

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there is much to do before i leave for my 3 week break in malaysia in a few hours. i'm not exactly sure but i am somewhat a bundle of nerves! oh and the much dreaded 27 hour flight (that's including layovers).

i'm mostly finished packing up my luggage but i'm always worrying that i might have left something that might be important. two carry-ons (including my laptop) and a bag to check in. all i am thinking about are my poor shoulders. urgh!

to keep me company, i have some stuff prepared:

i am just hoping the battery would last long enough for some fun :) and i'm rereading the marian keyes' book since i enjoyed it so much the first time i read it.

ryan has been sweet these past few days. basically ordering in whatever i felt like eating: vietnamese spicy calamari from joy yee's on tuesday, fried catfish topped with hot green chilli sauce from thai sook dee yesterday and today, we are gonna stop at hmart to get my fill of korean food on my way to the airport.

i am excited to go home but i can't help but feel nervous. and i know three weeks would pass so quickly before i know it and i'll be flying another 23 hour flight to get back to the states. i am somewhat not looking forward the temperature change. i mean i love warm weather but i dunno if i can handle 100F temps after just experiencing cold winter of temps at single digits.. what if i melt? lol

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(p.s. change pennsylvania summers to malaysian weather.. lol)

well i hope that my family will be happy with the lil gifts that i bought for them. anywho, my bespoke cooking class entry will be posted very soon. and i'll try to share my malaysian experience via my blog :) so make sure you come check it out.


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Enjoy yourself back home! :)