malaysian food affair - part two

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continuation of my food adventures in malaysia.

day six| thursday
my breakfast was again a selection of food that my dad thought i would enjoy. i had some dim sum, a few bites of lo mai kai and  a malaysian kuih (something akin to pastries) called ang ku kueh. the ang ku kueh  is a glutinous rice cake that resembles a red tortoise filled with a bean paste. yummy yum yum is all i can say :)

our lunch place of choice was rock cafe. no, there isn't any rock formations around nor do they have rock music playing in the background. we've had a mix of different types of food. i finally have my plate of nasi lemak (finally!) and it was very satisfying! very. for reasonable amount of kerang sambal and a fried egg, it was only about RM3.50. and my sister gave me a piece of her fried spiced chicken from the malay rice shop. that was delicious too.

then it was shopping at sunway pyramid and i got myself two shades from fossil since it was at half price. :D this is one of sunglasses i purchased: the frame that i've always wanted - a pair of aviator sunglasses that finally fits my face.

dinner was mom's homemade meal again (definitely meant it in a good way) :)

day seven| friday
my parents bought for us tosai served with sambal and curry. tosai is like an indian crepe with a slight hint of sour and savory flavors. i haven't had that for a long time. it was nice to be reminded of the flavors once again.

we had plans to pick up my passport with my new visa stamp close to ampang park. so i suggested to spend some time at klcc since we were around the area.  we took the lrt (malaysian public train system) from petaling jaya to kuala lumpur but only without the stress of traffic and takes less time which was a fresh change.

i planned to have lunch with my sister since it was close to her office and it was during lunch hour. we went to madam kwan's for lunch which i will cover in one of my next entries. then it was shopping around the mall.

for dinner, we did most of the cooking before we left for klcc. well more like my mom did. she cooked a whole bunch of stuff that i craved for namely honey chicken with button mushroom (my mom does it better than i do) and winter melon with roasted char siew soup. those are yummy in my tummy :) home cooking is definitely one of the best things.

day eight| saturday
it is almost like a routine that my dad will bring home some breakfast food and it was no different that day. we had kuih apam balik which is a pastry filled with peanuts and sweet corn. it was crunchy and soft and sweet and salty, absolutely delicious. i also something called roti john. why is it called roti john, well beats me... maybe some guy named john came up with the recipe. it is actually an omelete sandwich which is then topped with mayo and chilli sauce.

then i had a jet lag attack and napped for almost two hours. maybe i am just making an excuse for myself to take such a long nap.. whatever it is it, felt way awesome. lol

remember i mentioned the one loh mee place that closed last monday? it was open on saturday and i was ecstatic since i have not had it for almost four years. i used to eat it every single day until my parents got sick of it. lol. it was as good as i remember maybe better since i haven't had it for such a long time. it was warm,  tasty and oddly comforting.

dinner was at la cocina, a spanish restaurant in subang. another post about it very soon. :)

more stories on my malaysian food experience in future entries..

disclaimer this is written based on my personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.


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i easily enjoy all your posting style, very remarkable,
don't quit as well as keep writing due to the fact that it simply just worth to read it.
looking forward to browse through far more of your current articles, regards :)

sians said...

thanks and i am glad you enjoy reading them :)
come back to read more! hehe.

Anonymous said...

what is that first picture of?

sians said...

it's called lo mai kai - translated to glutinous rice with chicken. :)