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i'll be heading back to malaysia for a long awaited three week break in about a week. i haven't been home for almost four years. my parents came for my graduation two years ago so i haven't seen them for two years but i haven't seen the rest of my fam for four years now! *gasp*  i know, right?  i wonder if it is gonna be somewhat awkward...

there are some things that i need to do before leave: pack my luggage, shop for chi-town stuff for my extended family, get my travel documents prepared (a lot of them), schedule my visa interview, mentally prepare for my flight, etc etc.... but i am just so excited, just thinking about my family, friends, food and fun!

the only blah part of the whole trip is my flight to malaysia takes freaking 27 hours! that's over a day! ridiculous, ain't it? i'll be flying with cathay pacific this time - well cos it was one of the cheapest flights i could find in such a short notice. i'll be departing the wintery cold chicago on march 11th and then only getting into warm (or should i say hot) KL two days later. i guess what makes this trip somewhat bearable are the lay overs in san francisco and hong kong. and of course my ipod touch would be my best-est companion.

my fam and friends already planned out some stuff for me to do when i get back. these are some of the things i'll be doing when i get to malaysia.

01 | three day trip to malacca with fam, a trip back to my mom's hometown, ipoh to visit my extended fam.
02 | hanging out with friends and possibly a bbq party.
03 | get my new visa stamp from the embassy
04 | shopping for clothes and food! some might think "shopping for food?" of course!
05 | gonna grab some mom's recipe to bring back to the states with me
06 | mamak sessions
07 | EAT TONS of FOOD, obviously. (needless to say)

i've even compiled a list of food i'd like to eat while i am back home

asam laksa
char kuey teow
chee cheong fun
ipoh kuey teow soup
kang kung belacan
kaya toast
"loh mee"
maggi mee goreng
mom's cooking
nasi kandar
nasi lemak
pasembur/ indian rojak
penang rojak
prawn noodles
teow chew porridge

dude, i can't wait! don't they all sound so good? i hope i have enough time to pig out during the three weeks... :)

btw my entry on david burke's primehouse will be featured in my next entry. :)


Beth said...

hi sian mei. i'm happy you're reviving your blog, especially about food! you should give a description of what all those malaysian foods are for those of us that have no idea :).

sians said...

beth: beth! i miss you! how is china treating you?

i'll try to find description that makes it sound really good. hehe.