malaysian food affair - part four

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i am almost losing track of what i've been eating this past few days. so much food that it's all becoming a blur lol. in fact, my sisters are blaming me for their weight increase the past week. can't blame them, we've been eating a whole lot of food in this short period of time just so i can satisfy a lot more of  my cravings before returning to the states in less than a week.

day thirteen| thursday
meeting with yee lynn for lunch-ing session. she brought me to one utama, damansara since i've not been to this shopping mall since i've returned. i had trouble deciding on what to eat, so we were just exploring around the mall until we stumbled upon zanmai sushi, her favorite sushi place. since we had quite a few selection of item, i will write a separate entry on my japanese food adventure.

there was a whole lot of catching up and surprisingly it felt easy. it was easy to slip back into where we left off five years ago and chatting didn't really feel awkward or weird. since i wanted to treat her to desserts and i was craving for some, we went to secret recipe. we were delighted when we found out that they had a tea time special where we could get a free cup of tea or coffee with the purchase of a slice of cake.  so free cup of coffee and slice of cake for RM6.50 doesn't sound too bad. lol. i had the mango delight cake which is pretty self-explanatory what the cake tastes like - mango-y. the cake was only alright. i probably would not go for that cake again. speaking of mangoes, i love love looooooove mangoes a a lot. (my dad has been buying a ton of mangoes for my family to enjoy since it was mango season - yummy, succulent and sweet)
for dinner my mom cooked sweet and sour crabs for me which is a treat because she hardly cook crabs at home due to health reasons. oh and she steamed white pomfret fish in good soy sauce..oh how i miss those. they don't sell that type of fish in the US so i asked my mom if she could cook that for me before i went back to the states.

day fourteen| friday
for once, i took a break from food in the morning (phew!) i actually skipped breakfast (omg!) and was just waiting to have korean food for lunch with my eldest sister when her daughters get back from school. i was actually pretty excited since i am fond of korean food and had high expectations. located in ss2 pj, the korean house offers set lunches for RM10 on weekdays. my sister is always excited for the octopus in spicy sauce so i decided to try that.

the lunch set includes a serving of white rice, soup with bean sprout and a generous variety of banchan (side dishes) which includes kimchi. the octopus in spicy sauce was pretty good but i would have to say it doesn't taste as authentic when compared to the ones i had in US. the cucumber kimchi tastes a lot like acar and it seems like they added a malaysian flair to the korean side dishes. however, my favorite of the banchans is the tofu. it is soft and smooth and tasted simple.

we also ordered dolsot bibimbap (RM15) since my parents haven't tried it before and i was interested how it compares to my favorite version at hmart. there wasn't any meat in the dish and was fully vegetarian. it was okay, not even close to one from hmart.

dinner was a simple homemade dinner my mom cooked.

day fifteen&sixteen| saturday&sunday
my weekend malacca trip requires another entry so wait for it! :)

disclaimer this is written based on my personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others