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while i am on the topic of #iscreamforicecream, madame waffle was probably the last place i'd imagine finding yummy gelato.

it's rather surprising especially if their signature dish is waffles.

more specifically, belgian waffles.

located in midvalley in the new area on the 3rd floor, it is a petite shop with an "al fresco" dining concept within the mall. the seating is limited and with a huge following, it was almost always full (at least during the weekends) which means you could end up waiting for a table. inspired by its japanese roots, the brightly lit shop adopted a japanese simplistic decor with wooden panels as its main theme. the wood counter mimics the cafe's namesake - the waffles, where they were flaunted behind a glass display.

a japanese inspired cafe, expect matcha specialities but with predominantly waffle based dessert offerings using japanese ingredients.

aspiring to be a quick service cafe, madame waffle adopted mostly self service as its modus operandi. diners will decide on their picks from the menu board, order at the counter, pay and get a wooden table tent where the number will be called once ready for pick up at the counter.

there was a menu update and expansion since my last visit so the prices may vary from the photos.

waffle - dine in :: banana nutella | waffle, nutella, banana & double chocolate gelato, glazed with belgian chocolate (rm 16)

but first, the waffle. starting with the original waffle as the base, layered atop with a dollop of nutella, slices of fresh banana crowned with a generous amount of whip cream and drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce, sprinkled with cocoa powder.

the waffle was warm. but texturally it was a little off from what i'd expected. it didn't have a crispy exterior and it wasn't as soft and airy on the inside. on the contrary, it was of a dense consistency - one that was reminiscent of in between a pretzel + bread.

the whipped cream was a nice breather from all the sweetness and the richness of the dish.

the gelato - yummy!
a delicious double chocolate gelato that i even wanted to slurp up all the melted gelato off the plate. with a smooth creaminess, i loved the chocolate richness against the sweetness. i wished they wouldd have toasted the chopped hazelnuts to echo the nutella in the dish - which ended up negating some of the gelato awesomeness.

overall, a mixed review - this would be a dessert haven for chocolate lovers (need a textural fix on the waffle though) but it is borderline cloyingly sweet and really rich that it'd probably be best shared.

waffle - classic :: matcha | from kyoto (rm 6.50)

sourced from kyoto - probably more specifically the green tea itself.

textures - similarly missing that crispy against the soft and instead it was slightly dense.
taste-wise - it ends with a hint of the green tea fragrance. pity it wasn't stronger to accentuate that well loved japanese ingredient - matcha.  in fact, the waffle didn't scream any particular flavor.

waffle - classic :: honey (rm 6.50)

somewhat with the sweet stickiness and floral sweetness of honey drizzled on the warm belgian waffle, this somehow reminded me of a quick substitute as french toast on the go.  i liked it.

japanese green tea - hot :: azuki matcha latte (rm 11)

a signature beverage of madame waffle - the classic combo of the azuki and the green tea and you add warm creamy milk into the party.

served warm in a japanese cup, it featured the matcha in a lovely light - the smooth, strong and rich fragrance that added character to the creamy milk that each sip ends with a faint hint of sweet azuki beans aroma - highlighting the classic combo in the most complementary way. wso savor every sipful even though it is a bit sweeter than i'd like, where you'd find a pleasant surprise at the bottom of the glass - azuki beans!

coffee - hot :: latte (rm 9.50)

starting with 100% arabica beans, which is an exclusively roasted coffee beans by espresso sporting club coffee roasters, the latte was a tad over brewed which was portrayed in the bitterness of the espresso. but it was not bad. i'd still choose the matcha latte over the coffee.

madame waffle offers a selection of classic slightly dense belgian waffles, which was also the foundation for some signature creations plus a scoop of gelato. while there is room for improvement in the making of the waffles, the matcha azuki latte was done better than just right :)

madame waffle | location
t-045, level 3 mezzanine
mid  valley megamall,
mid valley city,
kuala lumpur
{opens daily: 10 am - 10 pm}

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.