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cold brew coffee. 

not quite the new kid on the block but has only recently it has become so cool it could be the next hot thing!

its popularity so contagious that cold brew revolution seems to be catching on slowly but surely in the local coffee scene to stand out as the next possible trend to look out for.

pulp by papa palheta.

an independent coffee boutique, where their philosophy was simple - "focus on the coffee".

a cafe that has adopted micro-production methods which allow meticulous scrutiny in the brewing to tell the story each coffee bean has in its flavor profile and keeping up with the latest coffee extraction ways and apparatus.

i've never had cold brew but my reading has perked my intrigue and i was dying to try my first.

first things first, cold brew coffee isn't the same as iced cold coffee - iced cold coffee is hot coffee brew, chilled. if i had to keep to an espresso shot summary, it would probably be this:

source: http://www.joyridecoffeedistributors.com/blog/uncategorized/iced-coffee-vs-cold-brew 
the brewing techniques sway the nuances and taste into two different flavor profiles rooted from the difference in temperature and brew time.

the coffee boutique donned a minimalist industrial chic decor yet invoking a cozy sophistication with the wooden floors and rooms, with the addition of a hint of vintage flair. on top of that, there were many full length glass windows that allowed natural lighting into the space (but it could get pretty warm from the sun). the brewing stations starts off in the middle of the room, which is then moved with ease to the sides to open up the space in order to accommodate the crowd, trickling in as the hours turn to noon. soft, pop music plays in the background, creating a more fun atmosphere.

i loved the ambiance of pulp.

(well, minus the sound checks in the next door garage in preparation for an event that evening just for that weekend. - other than that, it was nice)

in fact, they have a couple of coffee samples for taste on display on their centerpiece. or if you are wondering what type of coffee beans they sell by the bags, you could preview, sniff and ask the friendly staff who was ever willing to impart their coffee knowledge.

i've always wondered if they served food besides desserts to which i received a resounding yes as i approached the counter to find the "food menu". as i quickly scanned through the options, i was briefly distracted by the word truffle for just a second.

i mean it had an eye-catching name: "OMG. truffle popcorn" but it just wasn't my pick as the brunch for champions.

balance breakfast ver 2.0* | 2 röstis topped with sour cream, lamb + cranberry sausage and beef + lamb merguez accompanied by rockets. (rm 24)

i wasn't even sure what some of the ingredients were on the plate but i was up for the adventure. röstis are very similar to potato letkas or hash browns with the addition of sliced onion. merguez on the other hand is a type of sausage heavily spiced with harissa & cumin to give it its red color.

the röstis cooked through with a light sweetness from the onions, seasoned with salt and pepper. although a little grease streaked across the plate, that somewhat worked in favor of the undressed arugula and cherry tomato salad, which could have used a light toss in olive oil and lemon juice to spruce up the flavors. i would have liked a these potato pancakes to spend a longer time on the pan to give a crunchier exterior and the sour cream was a needed flavor booster. the sour cream was light on the tartness (would have enjoyed the punch of lemon) and the julienned herb was too subtle.

the lamb and cranberry sausage, was gamey but perfectly seasoned - light on spices but highlighting the moist meat in a nice way. not sure if i tasted cranberry but it could have been that sliver of sweetness i could taste in the sausage.

on the flip side, the beef + lamb merguez had a hot note which was a stark difference from its counterpart. i was distracted by the heavy use of spice that led to a heat-on-the-tongue finish but you could still taste the lamb flavor in the merguez. i preferred the former but both paired wonderfully with the sour cream.

cheesy ham toast | turkey ham topped with melted cheddar cheese on toasted brioche (rm 12)

a thick cut toasted brioche topped generously with melted cheddar - served warm, it reminded me of hearty cheese pizza from the top. { mh } gave me a bite of her toast which had the sharpness of cheddar flavor against the turkey ham and for some reason i thought i tasted a hint of orange peel in the bread although { mh } didn't. in general, she thought the dish wasn't really special and it tasted alright.

for those hot days, cold coffee on tap! :: nitro black matter (rm 16)

just as how the barista described it, stout without the alcohol.

my first sip of cold brew.

it starts with a cool lightness, with a mere whisper of tartness - velvety yet clean notes and an almost malty finish. it ends with a light bitterness with every sip. mimicked a lighter version of the regular coffee but with more pronounced nuances of the characteristic of coffee bean combination.

something iced! brewed daily :: cold brew coffee (rm 12)

the regular cold brew coffee - a unique combination of coffee beans from different regions, brewed for about 10-12 hours. this blend had a different flavor profile from the first - a striking citrus taste intertwined with a light hint of tartness. the bitterness of coffee was reduced to a minimal, it has a sweeter and smoother fruity finish.

between the two, i have a softer spot for the latter because of the balance of the flavor distinctions. every sip is like taking a ride on the taste adventure. you can also request a side of milk if you like but after trying it out, it is probably best without.

while i barely feel the caffeine in hot brew coffee (i.e. latte,cappuccino), the cold brew's had a little more effect on me.

pulp by papa palheta takes their coffee very seriously but in a good way and it shows in their creations. their friendly staff are also eager to steep their caffeine knowledge by sharing with any coffee enthusiasts via tasting classes called the "cupping session" at rm 40 per person. the food has room for improvement and would fancy more options but the coffee is a joy. one biggest drawback of this cafe is the availability of the parking since spaces are limited. so get there early and have a lot of patience.

i'd love to try their hot brew coffee and their yummy looking desserts. if you'd like to get a breather from your regular hot brew coffee, pulp might be a great place to have your first cold brew experience.

pulp by papa palheta | location
29-01, jalan riong,
59100 kuala lumpur
{opens tues - fri: 9 am - 7 pm;
weekends: 9 am - 10 pm}

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.