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the iconic bath companion that was inducted in the toy hall of fame in the year 2013 (bet you didn't know that ;) )

or that giant version that invaded the docks in many different countries. 

however, from the food sense point of view, rubberduck is the name of a petite cafe with a rustic ambiance located in plaza damas in hartamas.

its name reflects its whimsical simplicity with a cozy nature as echoed by the casual decor. its rustic open kitchen was bustling with the staff cooking up the brunch orders and the pastry chef working on sweet creations. the cafe is fronted by the wooden pastry display case where baked goods flaunted themselves gloriously, tempting the diners with promises of sweet endings and golden breads.

a few yellow rubber ducks made their mandatory appearances.

as well as a very special and delish guest appearance of the freshly home baked croissants.
in fact it might be one of the best ones i've tried thus far.

but first brunch.

modus operandi: choose your dishes, order and pay at the counter, pick a seat and the food will be served at your table.

breakfast: 9-12 :: scrambled eggs | with smoked salmon & toasts (rm 17)

smoked salmon had me at the mere mention of its name, almost every time. the lightly buttered bread pieces were toasted that resulted to a crispy texture but it didn't seem that the bread was freshly baked. the scrambled eggs were soft and somewhat fluffy with the right amount of seasoning. but the highlight has still gotta be the smoked salmon, which added an extra punch in the flavor profile with the bits of saltiness from the thickly sliced cured fish that still tasted fresh underneath the light layer of smokiness.

breakfast: 9-12 :: omelette with toast | roast chicken (rm 16)

starting with the same two pieces of toasts, they share the plate with the omelette and a handful of arugula. the omelette was unevenly seasoned with the eggs requiring more salt for taste but texturally it was great. the undressed rockets seemed out of place with its bitter and peppery bites and would have dominated especially with the lack of seasoning of the dish's main.

drinks :: latte (rm 10)

the coffee + milk was slightly over roasted evidenced by the bitter end notes with every sip but thankfully didn't linger but it did overtake the robustness of the coffee beans. didn't make it to my favorite cuppa list.

drinks :: tapping tapir | pineapple & calamansi (rm 8)

a refreshing carbonated sweet and fruity tartness of the calamansi against the tropical pineapple, {mh} had good things to say for its crispness in the flavor.

desserts :: lemon meringue tart (rm 12)

crowned with glossy white meringue, torched beautifully upon the tart lemon curd filled in a buttery, crumbly tart crust. the tart and sour punch of the lemon curd was mellowed by the airy, sweet meringue resulting to a melt-in-your-mouth texture against the buttery, crumbly tart shell. the ratio of sweet and tart was great which still resulted to an overall richness to the dessert.

pastry :: freshly baked croissant (rm 7)


THE reason to eat at rubberduck.
this was possibly the best croissant i have had, thus far.

served with a slab of butter and berry preserves on the side, this freshly homemade croissant was like the golden snitch to the quidditch game. this golden pastry has distinct crispy layers that peels beautifully to encase the chewy, buttery, airy layers within. it was seasoned perfectly with the right amount of salt to impart a lovely balance against the sweetness with a pure tasty butter flavor. it was affection at first sight turned into love at first bite. a pure delight even just on its own but with the additional slab of butter, makes it a divine richness.

one minor drawback is the price tag. rm 7 is rather pricey for a croissant but bear in mind, it is parallel to its quality and deliciousness.

rubberduck may bring forth a line up of breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes but what will have me coming back is deliciously delicate pastries and desserts.

what's more, the one that will have me drooling is its freshly baked homemade croissants.

rubberduck | location
lot k--06, plaza damas
jalan sri hartamas 1,
kuala lumpur
{opens tues - sat: 930 am - 6 pm;
sundays : 930 am - 4 pm}

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.