cheesiness melted.

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remember that one time i mentioned about making grilled cheese sandwiches?

as promised.

Cheese - milk's leap toward immortality.
-cliffton fadiman

this whole grilled cheese sandwich started out as me experimenting to see which combination of cheese that would make the ultimate or at least a favorite of mine. it's rare that i'd go for grilled cheese sandwich since i am not too huge on too much cheese (ryan would probably say "there is no such thing as too much cheese")

first thing is the bread. i've always used normal white bread slices but since i was aiming for something different i decided on sourdough for the slight tanginess that cuts through the creaminess of the cheese.  i bought mine from fox&obel but my friend mentioned that trader joe's offers better sourdough bread.

the ever important ingredient: cheese (they dont call it grilled cheese sandwich for nothing)
i was trying to come up with combinations of cheese for meltiness and flavor. one sure cheese is cheddar since when i think of grilled cheese i think of cheddar. mainly for the distinct flavor. my choice was the white cheddar. the other two were muenster and provolone. i came up with this combination based on a grilled cheese sandwich that i saw at a deli and was told that it was great except instead of provolone, they have harvati instead. provolone and muenster are good for texture reasons: the meltiness of the cheese.

i bought the muenster and provolone from the deli and my gosh was i surprised when i opened the packs and saw how thinly sliced it was. i could read probably read a book through it. thank goodness i had enough so i folded the cheese slices into halves (i had to anyway) and made it semi thicker. and i had the three cheeses going on together.

it was then putting them together, slathering the bread with tons of butter (in my case i just put some in the pan) and toast the yummy goodness in a frying pan.

but.. i added something special in my grilled cheese though. one of my favorite ingredients : caramelized onions! i put it in between the cheese slices, right in the middle of the sandwich. toasting a grilled cheese sandwich takes a lot of patience and the right amount of heat and butter. haha. unfortunately, i wasn't as patient as ryan when i made mine so it was somewhat melted but wasn't melted enough.

mmm.. warm grilled cheese sandwiches fresh from the pan are awesome.

the bread was toasted nicely. the cheese could have done more melting (that was my fault) and i love love love the caramelized onions that gave it another taste and texture dimension to it. the tang of the sourdough was just enough to balance the savory and cheesiness of the three cheese combination. but i think that we may have to swap out one of the cheeses because i felt that the cheese flavor was kind of mellow - perhaps from the similar flavors of the three that none stood out. maybe a yellow medium cheddar instead of white. i actually made a small piece of grilled cheese for a snack with just yellow medium cheddar (leftover from making burgers) and some caramelized onion the evening before and it tasted really good.

oh well back to the drawing board for more cheese combinations for the perfect grilled cheese. one thing i will keep though is definitely the caramelized onions.

i just made something called pork tonatos over the weekend. upcoming post on how that turned out! :)

on other news: another amazing jabbawockeez vid on youtube to share. they are beyond awesome :) it makes me smile watching their performances almost everyday (sometimes on 

jabbalove <3