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i've been trying to mix it up with my entries -- although i should really get all the chicago ones out of the way before they become obselete. let's start with this one and i'll have about another 3-4 left on chicago. ( bittersweet.. bitter that i am no longer in chicago, sweet that i am done catching up on my chicago entries)

after one of our usual restaurant adventures around the bucktown area, we discovered the storefront company. i peeked through the windows to find an interesting dinner menu that sounded tasty that i just had to add it on my wishlist. in fact, the storefront company just received one star from michelin guide for 2013, the covered accolade to join the ranks of blackbird and takashi.

the storefront company highlights farm cuisine in a modern interpretation. from the restaurant's outer appearance, it reflected a simple, minimalist approach. as i entered the restaurant, the decor captured my heart at first glance. it  reminded me of a artist gallery in black and white sophistication yet rustic, which was very fitting for the neighborhood it was located in. 

{xy} was a tad late (again! :p) but that gave me a chance to take photos to my heart's content! i already knew what appetizer we were sharing even before i made reservations for dinner. quite honestly, it was probably the reason why i so keen on trying this place.

they started us with complimentary breads, crisps and the likes with a spread of soft butter sprinkled with pretty pink himalayan salt.

shared :: foie gras bombe | brioche crisps . onion-rhubarb relish . thyme ($9)

i loved the petite bite size presented in a simple manner. i've read a lot of rave reviews about this dish and general consensus was it is must try, which i gladly obliged since i really like foie gras. these bite size treats were creamy, rich, savory but then greeted by the softened sweet onion-rhubarb relish and brought together by the crunch of the brioche crisps. 

while it was a mouthful of delight, the foie gras mousse was light on the namesake so it lacked that punch but considering the price tag, i could not ask for more.

second :: rabbit | cauliflower . hand cut noodles . gouda . sherry ($26) 
{no longer available on menu}

i wanted to try rabbit once more because the first time i had it, it was braised so long that it lost its flavor and tasted like chicken. i was surprised when the wait staff asked me how i wanted to get the rabbit done. i looked confused for a second and tried my luck with medium -- it should be safe, right? since i live to tell the story, i suppose it is lol. 

freshly handmade pasta cooked al dente rested atop a cauliflower puree that offered a slight sweetness. the pasta sauce had a touch of sherry which is a classic pairing with the mushroom and contrasted perfectly with the cauliflower. i loved the two preparations of the rabbit - the lean meat was most likely sous-vide based on the gentle cooking which had a slightly gamey flavor and yet still moist. the dark was deep fried in a think shell of batter equally as moist. the dish worked together as a whole and thought it was rather tasty. 

second :: arctic char | sage cured pork belly . butternut squash . apple lacquer ($23)
{no longer available on the menu}

{xy}'s choice of the evening. the presentation was like artwork on a piece of blank canvas - playing off the artistic style of the dining space. i didn't taste it but from what i gathered from {xy} he is happy with his delicious decision and the crisp skin locked the moisture of the fish itself. 

as we called for our cheque (or bill, whichever you prefer calling), a well dressed staff of the restaurant came by and dropped off a complimentary chocolate macaroon each, which i thought was quite a nice gesture. :)

this was delicious and that's even after i saved mine for a couple days. i can't remember the texture or taste exactly but i remember enjoying the chocolate-y goodness :)

the storefront company was quite the gratifying experience for the taste buds but not so much for filling of the bellies. as i finished my pasta, i found myself wanting a few more bites of food because i didn't exactly feel full. {xy} felt the same way and we had to find another place for supper after dinner to fill up our unsatisfied bellies. perhaps that's the reason why you don't skip "first" course. >< regardless, the storefront company is worth to try at least once their farm to table creations, all presented in a beautiful whimsical artwork :)

the storefront company chicago | location
1941 w. north avenue,
chicago, il, 60622,
united states

{yummy-ness | 4 forks out of 5 }
{worth trying | foie gras bombe}

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.

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