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since i am already on the topic of cupcakes.. ^^

there has been a surge of cupcake trucks since last year which at one time had been a novelty for me, has got me saying, 'what? another cupcake truck?' however, good thing cupcakes for courage has such an interesting name - enough to perk my interest in their cupcakes and their concept. 

cupcakes for courage comes in this bright green truck and i first crossed path with this truck on my way to get my daily fix of caffeine. coincidentally, my boss was craving for something sweet that day and we were talking about it that morning. so i decided to get one for her and one for myself before i could even go get my coffee (you can see i was excited and didn't quite think it through). i was struggling with two cupcakes in hand when the friendly cupcake guy said he would keep it for me while i go and get my coffee. he even joked that he would still be here when i returned and not run away with my cupcakes. hehe.

usually, i feel bad giving into my sweet cravings especially with cupcakes but it was a lil hard to feel bad about spending and adding a couple of calories for the sake of raising a cause for cancer research and the "ride jeane ride" foundation. btw, it's $3.25 per cupcake. 

strawberry cupcake | moist cake baked with strawberries throughout and a light strawberry cream cheese frosting. garnished with dehydrated strawberry

the cupcake was just as delicious as it was accurately described. it was a moist cake and the cream cheese was light. there were a distinct natural strawberry flavor in its natural state - sweet and every so slightly tart at the same time which contributed to its lightness without an overwhelming sweetness. the dehydrated strawberry was a smart touch to give it that occasional difference in texture and concentrated strawberry flavor. even my boss loved it and she said it made her afternoon and it hit that sweet spot that she was craving for. i definitely liked this strawberry cupcake compared to its counterpart from sprinkles and a strong contender against the seasonal strawberry creme from my kara's which is my ultimate fav.

the triple b | black bottom banana cream pie - a tender banana cake with milk chocolate bottom filled with sweet vanilla pastry cream and topped with our famous whipped cream cheese frosting. finished with homemade pie crust crumble and shaved chocolate

it was quite a mouthful of description to the point you would think that the flavor profile was gonna be confusing or overwhelming. however, it was simply delicious. you first taste that banana flavor then suddenly the creamy vanilla pastry cream comes through with a surprise bitter chocolate undertone from the shavings. to top it off, the textural play from the pie crust crumble. when you are about to think that it was too sweet, the whipped cream cheese provide that tartness and airiness to balance it all out. basically they all worked together so well without being overly sweet. second favorite after the strawberry.

chocolate | a dark chocolate cake with fudgy chocolate frosting

i am constantly searching for a chocolate cupcake to top that ghirardelli cupcake from kara's cupcake (valhorna cupcake from more comes as a very close second contender). unfortunately, it failed to make the cut as my favorite chocolate cupcake. it tasted closer to a milk chocolate cupcake rather than the dark chocolate. the frosting was a bit too thick and it was a bit too sweet for my liking. not a favorite, unfortunately.

white chocolate raspberry | white cake filled with layers of homemade raspberry sauce and white chocolate mousse topped with vanilla swiss meringue butter cream and finished with raspberry drizzle

the cake and the frosting were good - not too sweet but it was the raspberry drizzle that makes those bites extra special. in fact, i wished there were more of the raspberry drizzle. in this case, the yummy tartness of the raspberry definitely took a backseat on this one and only whispered its presence occasionally which left us pondering if raspberry should even be in the name.

maple bacon | maple cake, dunked in maple glaze and covered with maple roasted bacon. savory, salty, sweet in every bite

when i was at the truck buying this cupcake, a couple came up to me and asked me if this was good - to which i responded i wasn't sure since i've never had it before. they thought i was rather adventurous but hey, this was very normal compared to the BLT cupcake from more. the first bite was maple-y. in fact, the whole cupcake screamed maple which is cut through by the savoriness and saltiness of the bacon bits which also gave a crunchy texture. after a few bites, i thought it was too much maple but it wasn't way too sweet. i gave the cupcake a 'not bad' vote but i think you would love it if you liked maple and bacon

oh as a bonus, cupcakes for courage has a loyalty card - after you've bought a dozen cupcakes, you get one free. so make sure you get that especially if you love their cupcakes - it's a free cupcake and surely you won't want to miss that. plus you can also keep track of how many cupcakes you've been consuming!

ooo.. just 3 away from a free cupcake :) [thank goodness this is my first card]

i'd say cupcakes for courage is able create its own loyal following even with the likes of sprinkles, more and flirty cupcakes. in fact, i think i'll go as far to say that i prefer their cupcakes over flirty cupcakes. plus, you also feel good knowing that some of the sales is going to charity while satisfying your guilty sweet baked pleasures :) what's better than that right? :)

disclaimer  this is written based on my personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.

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