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i've always tried to be open about trying out new types of food no matter how weird it sounds.

ever heard of BLT cupcake?

no? well, now you have.

when i first told some of my friends of it, they went, "ewwww...."

i don't blame 'em. in fact when i first heard about BLT cupcake, i was like.. "whoah...wait... what??????!" but it was followed by excitement and huge curiosity. what would it taste like? i know that bacon pairs well with chocolate and i was wondering how this cupcake bakery would execute this intriguing morsel. i need to try this for myself.

before i go on and on about the BLT cupcake (i'm already halfway there), the bakery that does these interesting concoctions of cupcakes is more cupcakes. no really, the name of the bakery is more cupcakes. located in the gold coast area at the intersection of delaware and state streets, more cupcakes is a petite and swanky shop owned by patty rothman. it caters for mostly cupcakes on the go since there isn't any chairs if you were hoping to sit around to enjoy these confections.

as you enter, there is a display of cupcakes on the right. and on the left are some of the accolades that more cupcakes have received including 'best of chicago - reader's pick for cupcakes'. and i thought, hmm.. this is promising.

they offer a lot of cupcakes with interesting combination of flavors. i gotta try me some of these:

01| blt cupcake ($4.25)

the cupcake i've been talking about - the BLT cupcake.

so did curiosity kill the cat? fortunately, no. 

the first thing i did was sniff the cupcake (hey, it's not a conventional cupcake..) and the first smell that hit me was something garlic-y. the cake tastes like sweet corn bread in a cupcake form paired with the saltiness of bacon bits. the cake itself is somewhat moist and has an interesting flavor. it actually tasted pretty good. wasn't too excited about the ranch frosting which reminded me of sour cream & onion flavored lays potato chips. the frosting itself was overwhelming and salty and i had to discard most of it. i do like the cherry tomatoes that give the cupcake some freshness and sweetness the cupcake needs.

overall, i guess the best word to describe this cupcake is umm... different. would i get it again? hmmm...not too sure. well, probably not... just because when someone says cupcakes, i think of sweet and not so much savory.

more also offers a few more bacon selections such as bacon, bacon, bacon and bacon maple.

02| red velvet cupcake ($3.50)

besides those interesting combinations, they also have a lot of classic flavors.  one of them being red velvet. the cake itself is somewhat moist but dense and it has a distinct cocoa flavor which i really like. is it more moist than the one i get from sprinkles? no but it's close. the cream cheese frosting is tart and somewhat reminds me more of cheesecake instead of frosting hence not a huge fan of it. do i like cupcake? yes. but i prefer it without the frosting which is a shame.

03| salted caramel cupcake ($3.50)

i read on yelp and a lot of people raved about the salted caramel cupcake so i was pretty excited to get it. sweet and salty is an awesome combination. maybe because i had such high expectations for this cupcake, i was kinda bummed out that although it was a yummy cupcake, it wasn't as outstanding as i hoped it would be. the caramel filling may have pushed the cupcake to be a lil too sweet for my liking (well, i don't like things too sweet though) which i should expect because it IS caramel. i skipped out on the frosting because the cupcake itself was sweet enough but as it is called salted caramel cupcake i was looking for the salty aspect of it which happens to be in the frosting.  to be fair though, this cupcake is one day old so it might not be as fresh as it could have been.

i would probably go back and give this cupcake another try but this time fresh and with a lil bit of frosting.

04| flight: favorites

more offers flights which contains six moresels each. they are mini cupcakes which you can probably finish in a bite or two. the prices range from $9.50 - $12 depending on which type you are getting. i decided on the "favorite" flight which has three flavors: chocolate hazelnut, valrhona and cookies&cream.

flight 01 | valrhona cupcake

varlhona cupcake is a dark chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate frosting and a small surprise in the middle - the chocolate ganache. this is my favorite cupcake from more and i would walk several blocks just for another one of these. it's moist, chocolate-y and just the right amount of sweetness. mad loveee! <3 each bite is heavenly :)

flight 02 | cookies&cream cupcake

when i first looked at the cookies&cream cupcake, i wanted to dig into this cos it looked so good. however, this was probably my least favorite cupcake. the cookies&cream aspect of it was mostly in the frosting and the cake with the crushed chocolate graham cookie layer at the bottom was dry and almost crumbly.

flight 03 | chocolate hazelnut cupcake

the chocolate hazelnut cupcake has a good balance of chocolate and hazelnut flavors. it's a chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate frosting enhanced by the chocolate hazelnut filling. this is garnished with a crunchy hazelnut brittle. this is a moist cupcake without it being overly sweet and if you like the pairing of hazelnut and chocolate this is the cupcake for you :) i'd say this is my second favorite cupcake after the valrhona.

flights are the way to go if you would like to try a lot more variety of cupcakes. if you are too lazy to drive/walk/get there,  more cupcakes offers home delivery with the minimum order of $24.

if you would like to try classic or not-so-conventional cupcakes, definitely keep more cupcakes in mind :)

disclaimer this is written based on my personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others
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