all pretty in white.

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i've gotten myself a new toy! :))) (that's a triple smiley if you don't know what that is)

i am uber excited about it. if you're wondering what it is.. it's a new polaroid camera : a fujifilm instax mini 25!!

i've had my polaroid sx-70 for almost two years now and it gives me pretty pictures. as much as i love it, it requires a lot of tlc and some work to get the polaroid film ready.. plus, it is pretty heavy to carry around. on top of that, i've read that the regular polaroid packs are getting more and more expensive especially since the production for polaroid film has been ceased or minimized, if any. nonetheless i have a stash of polaroid film saved for special occasions where it calls for a polaroid picture! :)

anywho, when i got my package last week, i was so happy to get it and couldn't wait to open it! so cute! all pretty in white and it has the much needed flash which lacked on my polaroid sx-70. there is also an exposure control for light and dark setting. in terms of size,  it's a lot lighter and thinner. perfect for travelling!

it is super easy to get it all set up. all i needed to do is to load the batteries (CR2) which are included, load the polaroid pack, turn it on and voila! this camera takes mini polaroid pictures the size of credit card but retains that classic instant film look that i love. there are two trigger buttons - one for horizontal and the other for landscape photos.

it also has a detachable close up lense (less than 2 ft) and a front facing self potrait mirror which is perfect! :) i actually can't wait to see what kind of pictures i can take with this instax this weekend.

should i give my polaroid camera a name? haha.

other news, ryan surprised me by sending a package my way a few weeks ago and he got me this awesome book: the flavor bible!

i haven't really had time to look at it carefully but it does a lot of the flavor matchmaking which is awesome if i wanted to come up with new recipes and such :) now i just gotta find some time to do some cooking experiments of my own..hehe.

oh did i tell you i am taking introduction to korean language classes? i thought it might be fun to learn a new language especially with my new found fascination for language. by the end of the six week course, i hope i'd be able to converse with my korean friends who would probably make fun of my awful pronounciation. haha. so far i know the 14 consonants and the 10 vowels which i still have problem getting the sound right cos some of them sound so similar! haha. anyway, i have my second class tonight which is on the structure of korean sentence.. :)

안녕히 가세요 (phonetic : annyeonghi gaseyo)
it translates to good bye btw :)


mUn said...

oh, cute camera! but what's that in the small bubble container? different lens?

s i a n s said...

yeah. it's a lense for close up photos (less than 2 feet). great for self potraits and such :)