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i blame you, dynamo donuts. you're the reason why i wasn't as hungry as i should have been before i got to chez panisse. but it was worth it because you are so different. :)

dynamo donuts & coffee first caught my attention when i was watching food network's "the best thing i ever ate: with bacon" episode where chris cosentino can't get enough of this bacon-y treat. ryan and i were planning to try this place out back in february but it fell through.

you might think, "wait...what? you said 'with bacon' episode.. but you're talking about a donut shop.."

yup, exactly the reason why it's special! :)

jeny and i were going to meet up in san francisco and i was excited because i haven't met her for ages. i told her of this place and agreed this was a great place to have an afternoon snack and hang out. ryan and i got there a lil early so we sat in the quaint,-vintage-with-touch-of-adorable cafe waiting for them. there were a few tables on the right as you walk in with children books about donuts lined against the wall which is i thought was really cute.

as we were waiting..anxiously (anxious because i was afraid they were gonna be sold out of donuts), there were constant stream of people ordering their coffee and donuts at the shop front which was bright and cheery with green and yellow shades. most of them walked past through the shop, out to the back and we wondered why. ryan followed after them and found that there was an outdoor patio out back where they can enjoy the sun except it was kind of cold that day.

a lot of people say, everything is better with bacon. they've got it right! i am a bacon lover and when i heard about this maple glazed bacon apple donut ($3), i knew i need to somehow fit it into my food itinerary.

this airy, doughy donut glazed with maple and then topped it with salty bits of bacon. oh and they have pieces of  apple baked into the donut itself. it was sweet, it was salty, it was doughy. basically, it was delicious. i love these balanced pairings of sweet and savory salty which is weird but that's what i think is special when it is done right. and they even have a play on the different textures. yummy love! :)

the other donut we shared was the apricot cardamom ($2). another glazed donut with bits of apricot in the dough itself. i personally wasn't as blown away by this, took a bite of two and focused on the bacon donut instead. it was alright in my book. same airy, doughiness with a subtle hint of cardamom.

some of the other donut selections available that day were open hand peanut buddy, bitter queen (grapefruit campari), cornmeal blueberry, vanilla bean and lemon thyme.

i read that the coffee is good here hence we paired both the donuts with a skinny latte ($3.75) since they didn't have soy milk. and i was so happy when i saw a pattern that was made on the foam of the latte (i am easily satisfied). the coffee was warm and good - actually comforting since it was a chilly day.

dynamo donuts & coffee is definitely worth a visit for their maple glazed bacon apple donut if you are in town and see if bacon and donut make a good pairing. though i was a tad sad that they didn't have the other donuts (as listed on their website) that i was hoping to try, the bacon donut was such a delight! just like what a picture suggested: donuts + coffee = <3

disclaimer this is written based on my personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others

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Anonymous said...

Wow! This place looks amazing! The ambiance, the food, especially the maple glazed donut with bacon bits, yum! Thanks so much for sharing!

Sian Mei said...

@free spirit eater: thanks for commenting :) yes it's good in such a different way. definitely give it a try when u are in SF :)