memorial weekend love

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besides having a three day weekend, here are some things i loved about this weekend :)

one | despite having really heavy pouring yesterday, christina, lyle, teng and i had a yummy lunch at purple pig. one thing i can say about purple pig is that they are consistently delicious :) my second visit and i had some familiar dishes and ones that are new and didn't disappoint my taste buds.

the one thing that dampened our spirits was our walk back to our apartment when it started raining cats and dogs that even the umbrella didn't keep me from being drenched.

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two | weather wise, today was a lot better. sunny and in the 80s.

and being able to wear something other than jackets and jeans was a welcomed change.
three | h&m and forever 21 shopping :) gotta love these kind of days :)
four | doing some reading in my favorite chair, enjoying the sun while i am at it :)
five | lovely, sweet, fresh cherries. been obssessed with fresh cherries since i had them at chez panisse and i got these at a steal too. get in my belly, cherry! :d yummmmmmmmmmmm!
six | i restocked some of my favorite frozen foods from trader joes (for days when i am lazy to cook which is often these days).. one of which is this mushroom ravioli with mushroom truffle sauce. mmm... (but then again i am a sucker for anything truffle)
it's back to work day tomorrow but i sure am gonna try to enjoy the rest of my monday holiday..heee! oh and looking forward to friday when i see my friends in evanston! :)