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telawi, bangsar. 

concentrated with popular brunch spots for the picking. 
the home of one of my favorite brunch cafes, yeast
an ever-changing food scene with new restaurants eyeing to make a lasting impression with food adventurers.

palazzo viva.

rooted firmly in italian roots, the elegant cafe quickly caught my eye with its monochrome colors of marble and black, accentuated by geometric motifs that gave its decor a personality. brightly lit in a spacious dining area where beautifully colorful petite desserts filled the glass counters at either sides of the wall and wine bottles lining the white shelves with intermittent natural greens. while the open kitchen allowed the chefs to show off the mastery to their diners at the back of the restaurant.

offering their signature big breakfast at a special price (rm 25 instead of the usual rm 27 + an additional glass of juice) for weekend brunches, {mh} and i decided to give the italian not-so-new-addition to the cafe scene in telawi a shot.

breakfast :: palazzo's big breakfast | eggs of choice, chicken sausage, beef bacon or turkey ham, salad, yoghurt parfait, baked beans, roasted potatoes, two slices of toast

the components of the big breakfast were a colorful bunch collectively gathered upon a rather large cheese board.  in fact, it was quite an attractive spread with the generous basket of roasted potatoes and a small saucepan of lightly scrambled eggs topped with crisp beef bacon. it came with a glass of juice, which was a choice of mango or pineapple where i picked the former but it didn't quite taste like it was freshly squeezed.

the bread was akin plain focaccia toasted with possibly butter but left an unpleasant greasy taste on my palate that somewhat distracted me from the texture of the bread - a tad dry. the salad was a mix of greens with a halved cherry tomato but very light dressing which was a pleasant tart addition to the combo. the baked beans was nice but the sausage was off-putting and i prefer franks with a bite to their casing, which these lacked. and what i thought was soft boiled egg in a small glass at first glance was actually mango yoghurt, which neither here nor there for me.

my favorite was probably the roasted potato wedges which had a crunchy outer texture and soft insides and seasoned just nicely. the scramble was almost on par where the soft texture was countered by the semi-crisp beef bacon for those salty bits in a lovely ratio to allow the bacon to season the eggs just nicely.

tldr // palazzo viva is an italian cafe located in telawi bangsar dressed in beautifully elegant decor of marble white and black. the brunch special was neither here nor there for me although the scrambles + beef bacon and the roasted potatoes were pretty good. however in general the decor left a lasting impression on me more than the brunch did.

palazzo viva | location
no 10 & 12,
jalan telawi 2,
bangsar baru,
59100 kuala lumpur
{opens tues - thurs, sunday: 9 am - 1 am;
fri - sat: 9 am - 2 am
closed mondays}

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.