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as i stared in fascination at the exposed light bulb fixtures hanging from the high ceilings, my thoughts were interrupted by the sudden screeching of the espresso machine. it snapped me back to reality as i glanced quickly at a girl sitting across from me at the white high top communal table, sipping her iced coffee while typing briskly but quietly on her notebook.

my dining companions were engaged in a conversation as i looked around the café, waiting for my latte to arrive. the night was chilly as i watched the pouring rain through the ceiling high glass panes. as i breathed in the space (and coffee aroma!), i made mental notes, comparing the modern and artsy industrial chic yet rustic decor to the cafe i was in earlier that day for a lovely breakfast.

my thoughts quickly shifted to the latter, an all-white, petite but long space where geometric minimalist black lines filled the walls. small round marble tops stood sparsely aligned on one side of the room along the dark grey cushioned bench against the wall. the other main feature of the café besides the espresso machine that was shining brightly in the spotlights was the white spiral stairs that led to the similarly minimalist second floor of the cafe.

travelogues were amassed throughout the six days with every food and adventure encountered in bangkok.. well... at least when i was not TOO distracted by the shopping sprees. despite that, a recurring theme throughout was apparent.

-- it may or may not be true that i've visited more cafés in that six days than i have in a month in kl...

cafés in the bustling city of bangkok has evolved to something more than mere coffee (or perhaps tea) spots - cozy and inviting sanctuaries for caffeine enthusiasts, sipping the warm liquid appreciatively to savor the subtle flavor nuances while immersing in a conversation. all these cafés have one thing in common and it happens to be THE MOST important one - attentive baristas who brew delicious, high quality cups of coffee. (or on the flip side, steep tea leaves to impart beautiful floral fragrance of tea with a depth of flavor)

one too little cup of latte later, i'm craving for more from my relationship with coffee (or occasionally tea) in bangkok, inspiring this bangkok cafe series - to spill the beans on why "café hopping is a must in this beloved popular thai city".

// #bkkcaféhopping 

my stories of coffee discoveries will be shared over several entries, pegged with the hashtag.

of how i've met #mochithecat in a quaint cafe or of the tiramisu made to order at the table. or of my meeting with blonde mocha.

the previews.

//1. kaizen coffee.
the home of blonde mocha and excellent cold brew coffee.

//2. d'ark piman 49.
a sprinkle of whimsy to the classics - just like its rendition of tiramisu.

//3. tealily cafe. 
for tea lovers.
or in this case, hyperactive cutie patootie scottish fold cat lovers.

//4. casa lapin. 
not merely coffee.

//5. roast. 
familiar new american favorites. with a side of ice cubed espresso latte.

//6. ceresia coffee.
back to basics, a cuppa that takes centerstage.

p.s. full entries to follow soon.

and the list was merely the few i've been.

most of which were stamped with approval by my local companion, who drinks enough coffee that she could recognize a barista's brew style just from tasting the coffee.

and "by george, i think she's got it! :)

no doubt that the bangkok food scene is as abundant in variety as they are mouth-wateringly delicious. just remember to do yourself a favor, drop by a café and revel in a comforting mug of coffee or tea while sinking in familiarity, serenaded by the screech of the espresso machine.

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.