top eats of 2o13

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to pick candidates for top eats every year has been a herculean feat.

there were a lot of the food i've had in the past 365 days that were delicious but those that made it to the list possessed a special greatness about it that it made a lasting impression in my mind and deserved a noteworthy mention.  similar to past years, the list is in no particular order. 

one :: cafe komugi's half baked cheese aka "hanjuku cheese"

one of the most memorable dessert finds from the japanese patisserie called cafe komugi. the original flavored hanjuku cheese has earned its rightful place as one of the best desserts i've ever had and it's all thanks to the genius pastry chef - chef furuta yoshikatsu {古田 圭克}. 

cool. light. airy. creamy. fluffy. soft. melt-in-your-mouth. honey-like end note. a few adjectives that i can think best describes what is perceived as a simple dessert but is indeed an intricate and lovely play on flavors that would leave me all fuzzy and satisfied with every bite.

two :: kitchen table supper club's chilled cucumber soup

i think that the cooks behind this bowl of yummy goodness may have some super powers when every spoonful presented a surprise of different combination of flavors that complimented each other and worked so well with the coolness of the slightly tart soup. the flavor combination acquaints itself nicely with the four taste senses of salty, sweet, sour and bitter at different proportions in a good way. excellent balance with the creaminess from the greek yoghurt, the crisp freshness of the cucumber, tartness of the sherry vinegar and sweetness of the corn with mild bitterness of the fresh herbs that ends with mild spicy notes.

 the proof lies in the empty bowl, just shy of being licked clean at the end of the course.

three :: acme bar & coffee's coco truffle tea from tea forte

if you remembered from 2nd to last post that i wrote last month, it blew my mind when i tasted a cuppa tea that mimicked hot chocolate - except a lighter and guilt-free version. 

need i say more?

four :: nutmeg's gravlax "croissant-wich"

nutmeg's all day breakfast offerings included an excellent option of croissant dish where the yumminess is rooted in the well executed elements of a perfectly toasted flaky and buttery croissant giving a crispy exterior in the midst of the fluffy buttery insides, generous portion of soft, well seasoned eggs and the fantastic and fresh gravlax that i can't get enough of. all of them combined makes it one of the top eats of 2o13.  

five :: kampachi's special sushi bento box

since my trip to tokyo - sushi dai and kyubey, i have not felt the same way for any sushi/sashimi i've tried after returning from the land of the rising sun. however, kampachi's special sushi bento box returned some of that happiness. the combination of different japanese signature cuisine contained fresh cuts of raw fish in the form of thick cut sashimi and sushi as well as unagi that was enough to make me savor with every biteful. it wasn't as phenomenal as my sushi experiences in tokyo but it was one of the best i have had since.

there you have it, my list of top five items i had the chance to try in 2o13. i am hoping to embark on a more delicious journey this coming year. with a couple of food projects in mind, i am excited on a gastronomic journey of discovering flavor combinations. 

go forth, eat away and if you've found something out of this world, i would love it if you could share it with me as always! :)

my plans on my food project this year will be the next entry :) please wait for it!