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sians's food projects for 2o14
objective :: to become a better foodie than before :)
i've decided to start a food journal, my personal accounts of my food journey this year.
 { project one }

at least one new recipe a month attempted, 
what i hope will be an effective avenue to learn new techniques and nuances of flavors :)
so far i have embarked on making claypot chicken rice, which will soon be a new blog entry. 
maybe now i will try cooking up some delicious dishes from my newly bought recipe books
from my favorite iron chef america, michael symon

 { project two }

the continuation of my yearly project as a foodie :) 
and with much yummy (not hopefully not many of the not-so-tasty) pleasure. 

  more than just restaurants 
(which btw i am more than open to hear from you all your favorite restaurants that i will look forward to try as always - so please share your favorites by leaving comments or dropping me an email :D), 
{owy} has recruited me to explore the list of 2o must try coffee places in kl with her 
in her search for the ideal spot for her weekend afternoon reads. 

and that would only lead to one thing - my notes from my visits! :)

 { project three }

my long overdue read by my favorite food critic.  this has to be completed by mid year!

i am stoked and really excited to learn about food, cooking and eating from his perspective,
i truly admire his ways. :)

i may have a couple more projects in mind but
since the 'lack-of-time' might get in the way so i am saving it for the near future :D
one of which was to start on my 'the professional chef' -

the food bible that i have coveted for ages and finally have it on my shelf.
can't wait to soak in all the knowledge the book has to offer.

alright! need to get myself off my butt and get started with the project.
"determination, please don't fail me now!!"

i hope you will join me in my gastronomic journey via my entries
 as i embark into the discovery of new flavors and combinations 
to feed my cravings, inner satisfaction and passion.

and of course, my belly! :D
go forth and savor on.. :) happy yummy-eating!

p.s. i would love to hear from you via comments/emails for any suggestions in food places/recipes if you love to share em with me 

p.p.s: restaurant review entries are coming up soon! i have a couple in mind and also my claypot chicken rice food log :D


Anonymous said...

since u are the only foodie i know.. go check out MELTS at Plaza Damas..