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10:14 PM Sian Mei Yeoh 2 Comments

so i've been obssessed with instagram ever since i first saw it on my friend's facebook page - all the cool filters and vintage-y photos that i could play with. :)  so i got it on my ipod and in conjuction with my birthday tomorrow, here is a recap of some of the delicious and memorable foods (instagram-ed!) i've had in my favorite city, chicago.

xoco | crispy, sweet churros . rick bayless .

girl&thegoat | freshly baked bread . wiley point oysters  . scallops .

arami | double sake . spicy taco . toro .

purple pig | roasted beets . milk braised pork shoulder .

longman&eagle | chanterelle agnoloti . gruyere donuts .

m.henry | eggs benedict . french toast .

hot doug's | good selection of hot dogs .

the gage | mussels vindaloo .

boka | ginger kulfi .

sprout | grilled cheese . apple cider . 

david burke's primehouse | kobe sashimi

urban belly | urban belly ramen

takashi | ramen brunch

the pictures are a tad small but if you are interested in getting a bigger look at it, you can click on the photos. also there are links to my blog entries for each of these restaurants if you want to find out more about my dining experiences from the restaurants.

also, a quick preview of what is to come very soon on my blog. so keep checking :)

p.s. officially a year older. in some countries -.- here.. in a couple of hours. hehe.


Krista said...

1. Happy Birthday!
2. I too am an instragram addict. I love it ridiculously much. Now I am totally into Tiltshift. Love making miniatures. Do you know there's this whole new thing called iphoneography? Love it.

Sian Mei said...

krista: hi krista! thanks for the birthday wish! omg i love instagram. it's one of the best apps out there. :) and no i don't think i've heard of ihponeography. i need to look into it :) oh and thanks for dropping by too!