bday celebration - sf style

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i've got quite a bit of blogging catching up to do. yeah.. it's mostly my fault. i've been slacking just a tad lately but now i am back with more material to write about! :)

great thing about this year's birthday celebration (despite growing a year older.. or some would say wiser) was that i had the company of ryan, his mom and his brother in california. and ryan knows me so well that he suggested celebrating it in san francisco - i absolutely love that city and the food it has to offer. hehe.

but first, ryan suggested to get a cake the night before so i could celebrate my birthday malaysian time too which i thought was a sweet thought. and i get to choose my cake! triple chocolate mousse was my choice from a local bakery in folsom.

and they bought me special birthday candles that lit up the same colors as the candles.

everyone agreed that it was great but thought it needed more cake but his brother, nicholas probably enjoyed the cake the most since he is such a sweets monster!

we started our journey to san francisco really early the next morning since we had lunch reservations for the slanted door  in the ferry building at 11:30 am. mind you, there was one bathroom and four people's almost a two hour drive to san francisco from his place. imagine what time we woke up. btw, more about this restaurant in another upcoming entry.

however, our first destination when at the ferry building was boccalone for their must-have snack-sized salami cone. ahhh.. mortadella.. my favorite! deliciousnessss!

after lunch, we browsed around the ferry building. ryan's mom loved the balsamic vinegar olive oil dipping sauce when we bought it as a gift for her from her last visit, we just had to get two more bottles. on top of that, we get to taste a few of the many stonehouse olive oils / dipping sauce getting our favorite although we already knew what we wanted to get.

while we were walking past the cowgirl creamery, ryan and i were surprised by a line by the store. being curious cats, we checked out what it was. a lady was making raclette. i call it a collaboration of cowgirl creamery and acme bread. cowgirl creamery is known for their wonderful cheeses, in this case buckaroo! and acme bread is famous for freshly baked bread. 

it was pretty cool & awesome and since it was $5 plus, i thought why not try it since it was something not done commonly.

and our final product is this cheesy goodnesss with crusty burnt cheese which was tasty! that was definitely the best part just like the lady promised.

the bread was crusty, fresh and soft inside. the cheese was melty and had a good balance of bitterness and savoriness. the carrot pickles were also good and not overpickled, a great way to cut the richness of the "grilled cheese". yummeh!
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next destination was the golden gate bridge since ryan's mom and brother has never been to san francisco before. the bridge was shockingly foggy and chilly despite the rest of the city was warm and sunny.  but the weather started to clear as the day went on.

and our last stop before heading for dinner: awesome favorite cupcakes from kara's cupcakes in ghirardelli square! and guess what? they have my utmost favorite seasonal flavor: strawberry creme cupcakes! GAH! i was also this overly excited when i found out online.. lol.. i've got my reasons okay.. it's very balanced in flavor and yummy and since it's seasonal you can't get it throughout the year even if i wanted to!

and finally ended the day with an amazing malaysian dinner at layang-layang. ryan knows me so well :) cos i don't get a lot of msian food here in chicago since it's all the way in arlington heights.

thanks so much for such a great birthday feasting and fun! xoxo

on another note, i have a ton to update you guys so keep reading in the future! :) i think it would be next's opening menu for my next entry

disclaimer this is written based on my personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others