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i am currently m.i.a. since i have to do a ton of things before moving to my new apartment this weekend. there has been a few things going on this past few weeks so a quick update

01| ryan got a job in california. he's gonna be moving out there after this weekend :(
02| i'm moving this weekend to downtown chicago. packing time! (and realizing i have a lot of stuff. like A LOT)
03| celebrated my birthday two weekends ago.. uber-tastic. :)
04| went to xoco last weekend to satisfy some of ryan's cravings :p await for the entry about my second visit there :)
05| almost obsessing about flirty cupcakes and trying to figure out when i will finally catch up with them.

so while i am away, entertain yourself with a few pretty funny strips from the oatmeal until i get back for an update! here's just a small taste of it..

taken from their website.. so go check it out! :)

till i recover from my exhaustion of packing and moving and unpacking, have a great week!


jeny said...

it's your turn to head over here >.<

jeNy said...

congrats to ryan...now your turn :)