pretty qwerty love.

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so...entry about malacca is still in the works. i've been busy with work and also busy readapting to US time (well malaysian time is about 13 hours ahead of US time so it takes a while...)

remember when i said i accidentally dropped my phone into some pool of water, tried to get it fixed but in the end, when i reached san francisco and attempted to call ryan to tell him about my flight delay - all i got was a blank screen. it was quite heartbreaking cos it was working when i was back in malaysia after i got it fixed - i blame the damn air turbulence on my flight from hong kong to san fran.

well..okay probably wasn't but i was upset with the air turbulence that happened like throughout the fight...needless to say, i puked like three times in flight (don't think you really wanted to know that). those poor two ppl sitting next to me - was probably secretly considering kicking me out of my seat. (no.. not really lol).. but in all honesty, they were both very nice ppl.

anywho, back to the story, basically the conclusion was i got a new phone which in turn became my obssession this past week. earlier in the week, i was trying to decide on a phone to get for myself for replacement. and guess what?

i think it's spelt as D-E-L-I-V-E-R-E-D! i think i cheered a bit at work when i read the tracking when i first got the tracking number for my package, i was checking it at work almost obssesively hoping that it would arrive at home a day earlier. regardless, i am uber excited that my new phone is here today and i've been playing with it the whole evening - trying to figure out what is going on with the phone.

the phone that i purchased is a nokia. it comes from the E series...

i got a nokia e71..looks like a blackberry but i love this design a tad better.

i was smiling so much when i opened up the box that i think ryan thought i was semi weird. but then soon after i was getting increasingly frustrated cos some of the set up was a lil complicated for me. so basically when i say i was playing with it the whole night, it was more like i was trying to learn how the phone works without the never had a smartphone before so i had to figure out how to set up my email (yes i can check email on this), my chat app, customize my profile, etc. ryan kept telling me it would be easier with the manual...(but i'm so lazy to read up on it..unless necessary. shiny! hahaha.

oh and it comes with its own case which is doubly ssswweeeettt!

ever since i've expressed that i needed a new phone, a lot of my friends suggested that i should get an iphone. unfortunately, iphone is more expensive (this e71 is unlocked) and besides i have an ipod touch with is basically an iphone without the phone function. i know this phone isn't exactly the newest/latest phone out in the market right now but i really love the look of it and the qwerty keyboard. on top of  that, it has some useful functions such as gps (a lot of my friends know i am hopeless with directions sometimes), email, chat and the ever important function of making a simple phone call. i just gotta learn how to use the gps function.. haha..
think of it this way, it would be pretty pointless if i needed directions but don't know how to use the gps function on this phone. lol. :)

post about malacca coming soon :)

p.s. btw blah is the name of our wifi network... lol