apt hunting

10:51 AM Sian Mei Yeoh 0 Comments

my malacca story is still in progress. i promise you it's a pretty long one. (no it's not a freaking novel! lol)

the other reason why it isn't up yet is cos i've been busy apartment hunting.  i've been looking on craigslist listings that i think i will probably start having dreams about it... i actually still haven't quite decided if i want to try to find somewhere in evanston or in chi-town. i've been commuting back and forth to work and maybe it's quite nice to find someplace in chicago - someplace where i can walk to work. but i've been living in evanston for the past six years and i've grown to love it.

hmm decisions decisions.  

in the end, it comes down to what is the best deal i can get at the best location. wish me luck!! or send me a really good apartment agent dude :/

p.s. image obtained from http://jesselonergan.blogspot.com/2009_04_01_archive.html

but nonetheless, the entry about malacca trip is almost ready. this is probably the 10th time i've said this but it's true!