highlights of twenty fifteen

10:57 AM Sian Mei Yeoh 2 Comments

i scrolled through my photos and smiled at the highlights of twentyfifteen. 

many, many gastronomical discoveries - some good, mostly okay and a few bad (thankfully!).

many tried new recipes and kitchen adventures.

a few firsts. 

some memorable and awesome travelogues.

string of photos share these happy thoughts the best:

of learning family traditions & keeping the family recipes alive 

of my first coveted treasure from dominique ansel bakery 

of meeting 1600 pandas

of exploring chiang mai's wats filled with rich histories

of learning cooking techniques for authentic northern thai cuisines

of enduring (& loving) my first zip lining through the forest

of my first khantoke dinner in chiang mai

of learning how to take a step back and just breathe deeply (& bask in the sunrise)

of completing my first 5km

of my first stay-cation for some little time off just for myself

of sipping my first cold brew coffee

of my first nobu meal experience

of discovering delicious cornflakes s'mores cookies

of my first ever trip to the middle east

of watching the colorful traffic of bangkok cities for the first time

of appreciating bangkok's finest cuppas with the loveliest friend 
aka coffee connoisseur ;)

of my first joel robuchon meal at l'atelier de joel robuchon in bangkok

of savoring the amazing views of beautiful raw lombok

of playing in the clear waters and watching the blue skies at gili trawangan

twentyfifteen holds many wonderful memories and i'm grateful for the experiences and the special  moments. twentysixteen is the renewal of my resolutions that i missed of previous year but looking forward to many more yummylicious possibilities. 

in fact, i already have some exciting plans in store! :)

thank you for being part of my twentyfifteen and hope that you'll stick around to share my moments in twentysixteen, loves. 



p.s. top eats of twentyfifteen follows soon :) 


Kumitaa TD said...

sian mei!!! i'm so glad you had a wonderful (and really fun and memorable 2015). just wanted to say hi and i hope 2016 is all you hope it would be and more! happy new year! :)


@kumitaa : thanks and happy new year to you too! let's meet up soon :)