sangkaya, damansara uptown

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scorching sun in the bright blue afternoon sky. 
relentless heat.
suffocating humidity.

however, there is one silver lining behind all that.

-- ice cream!

but of course, it is ALL in the interest of not melting like the wicked witch of the west under the hot, hot sun.

the timing was perfect. with the recent warm weather on top of the wave of these cold sweet delights churning its way into the local food scene, were reasons enough to start my search for THE ice cream.

probably the why behind my recent ice cream binge and constant cravings, be it gelatos, froyos, ice cream and soft serves alike.  to be enveloped in a giant cool embrace (in a good way, of course) as i explored the ice cream parlors in klang valley.

let's call this

"the hunt -- ice cream edition"

first stop | sangkaya - the home of the coconut ice cream.

hailing from the capital city of thailand -- bangkok, sangkaya creamed its way into kl more than a few years ago but only to have gained its fame in recent months proven with the several locations opened or opening soon in the klang valley.

the petite stall is fronted by the ice cream counter - minimalist with a hint of industrial accents of  lights which i absolutely love. high table & chairs fills the small white space to sit its loyal and growing fan base.

sangkaya's menu was reflected in its catchphrase: nuts about coconut.  its signature dessert was focused on coconut. modus operandi: pick from the menu - order & pay at the counter - wait patiently as the staff scoops up yummy ice cream - pick up your order -  savor just a little taste of thailand.

artisan ice cream serves :: signature | our signature, a palatial taste of coconut haven purest to the bud, hand crafted to perfection (rm 9.90)

it was a no brainer what i wanted to order.


four scoops of premium coconut ice cream, three all natural topping choice served on fresh coconut husk with fresh strips.

starting with an empty half husk as the base, first layer is of coconut flesh slices. top that with medium scoops of ice cream and toppings of our choice from the range of cornflakes, char roasted coconut flakes, roasted peanuts, cereal, sweet corn, kidney beans and chocolate sauce.

cornflakes because of that  yummy ice cream i had in tokyo.
roasted peanuts because it just makes sense.
char roasted coconut flakes because coconut trifecta is just a must!

the ice cream was biased towards a creamy delight but with a hint of refreshing sorbet texture. the coconut flavor was prominent but was slightly sweeter than i preferred. char roasted coconut flakes bites were my favorite ones, followed by the ones with cornflakes or combination of both. the roasted peanuts, i would have liked to substitute it with another spoonful of char roasted coconut flakes instead. the texture and the taste just didn't go as well with the ice cream like the rest did.

four scoops of yummy ice cream, three toppings, two spoons for sharing and one realization.
-- that i'd like a whole one all to myself. yummy!

granted the signature ice cream was also a tad too little to be shared.

artisan ice cream serves :: cones | the cult waffle cone on the move,  now with a tropical twist (rm 2.90)

a scoop of premium coconut ice cream, served on crispy waffle cone with a sprinkle of char roasted coconut flakes. with the same main star of the ice cream and the char roasted coconut flakes served on crispy waffle cone, {mh} was happy with her pick especially because of the crispy cone with the ice cream.

sangkaya serves lovely coconut ice cream that was satisfyingly creamy but refreshing to make the humid and scorching warm weather just a little bearable.

sangkaya | location
{at uptown 7}
no. 80 ground floor
jalan ss21/39
damansara, kuala lumpur
{opens daily: 12 pm to 12 am}

disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.

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p.s. playing catch up is tough. 

now that i have wrapped up the much delayed entries on #sianstakesonhk, i've got time to get back to food reviews of several cafes/restaurants/food escapades in kl/pj and perhaps a couple ones from my chiang mai travelogue that i just can't wait to share from my trip last month.