THE Color Run KL 2014!

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let's see: this weekend was filled with work, a food project that involved salmon and pastry (this entry will be in the works after), my friend's wedding dinner (congrats {kbc}!) and an item off my bucket list! 

taken from their website | thecolorrunmy

a departure from my usual food & travel entries...but..

with its famous #hashtagLINE of #happiest5k, there's no way i'd keep this very memorable event of my 2014 a secret -- it'd just be too hard to keep it to myself.

taken from google image

"everyone hollerrrrrrrr!"

lemme count the reasons why it's so awesome:

o1. kickass (& a-matter-of-fact) hashtagLINE!
o2. THE first color run in malaysia!
o3. i'm one of the 13k color runners!
o4. watching the sunrise, backdropping the skyline of kl.
o5. girls and GUYS pulling off wigs + wings + tutus
& it looks like the most natural thing
o6. my first ever 'run'
-- observe that i use the word run rather loosely here. lol.
o7. sharing this experience with great company!
o8. badass & cool hosts ( the color run's sammy wallwork & mix fm's linora low
+ color throws for the after-run-party!
o9. riding the train as a walking rainbow!

 i get to be a part of all these!

photo by {mh}

the event started at about 7am at padang merbok and the place was already bustling with color runners!

as we were waiting for our friend to drop off her bag before we could get to the starting line (color runners were released in waves), we were confused when we spotted some runners completely color-fied and semi-out of breath. 

then realization hit us:
O-M-G! some runners have completed and we have yet to start! /facepalm and big lol. time to head off!

at every kilometer, we were art canvases as the volunteers tossed the harmless yet colorful cornstarch - starting with purple at the starting point, followed by a taste of generous color attack at orange (1km), then break dance fun performed by a fellow color runner at yellow (2km), that was followed by a self-coloring using recycled blue powder that ran out when we get there (3km), led to a semi music party at pink (4km) and finally to be sprinkled with green just before the finish line!!

photo by {mh}
photo by {mh}

photo by {mh}

stepping past 'finish' arch, i can officially call myself a COLOR RUNNER! woo hoo!
and of course, this must be followed by the obligatory before and after photo :)

and one way to celebrate this victory is with the after-run-party for more color throws, music, and freebies as sammy wallwork and linora low worked the stage!

a couple of notes:

o1. if you get there early, you could check out the merchandise store if you desire some additional memorabilia for keeps. i can't believe i could still manage to do some serious shopping there >.<

o2. if you are a marathon runner or attempt to run this whole leg, this may not be the event for you - OR you could be at the front the first wave and still do a timed run. this is ultimately an untimed event and if very many selfie/photo takers along the way irk you, this may not be the race for you either.

here are some (hopefully) useful tips pre-,during and post- run:
  • waterproof case/ziploc bag with holes for lenses of your phone camera/camera 
  • if you have a gopro or any variation of it, would be nice to have along the run
  • sunglasses are great to ensure your eyes are protected from the cloud of colorful cornstarch and the sun
  • hat/cap/wig are good ways to keep your hair from the colored powder. bandana could function as both -- as a hair protector or nose cover depending which is more of a pressing need.
  • emergency raincoats/extra change of clothes/towels/newspaper to line your car seat to get back home without staining the chairs 
  • this is the one day that almost everyone can pull off a tutu. so get one!
  • don't be afraid to get color-fied!
  • the after-run-party was such a fun part of the color run too - and yes! more opportunities to have rainbow spewing colors on you!

was it the #happiest5k at the #thecolorrunkl?

i think it is! happy and color-fied. lol.

i'm definitely looking forward to next year's color run for an encore experience or perhaps an even better one! :)