quick update of what's to come.

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yes i am still around if you are wondering!

i have a ton to write but i have been rather busy with the other aspects in my life that blogging has taken a back seat >.< but i intend to write more these next few weeks. 

can't quite believe it's already the month of december and about a week to christmas. yup, still got some christmas shopping to do and this time i will be celebrating with the family.

i started with a high this month when i watched my favorite kpop group live in concert for the first time (well, really it was the subgroup -- sjm!) and it was really quite the experience -- both good and bad. and i loved watching donghae perform in person! eek! (fangirling is most common when it comes to super junior lol)

haemin in action :)


here is what to expect in the nearest future :)

let's see, for chicago entries::

  • storefront company
  • grahamwich 
  • peasantry
  • perennial virant
i have a couple of restaurants and pictures to share from my japan trip esp the restaurant and food entries and to name a few...

  • maisen
  • sushi dai
  • seryna
  • kyubei 
and yes i promised my homestay post which is surprisingly still in progress >.< i can't seem to bring myself to finish it for some odd reason. and some food entries are listed as well..including sj related cafes lol :) oh and new places i explored in seoul and my love for the scenery in jeju island!

anddddddd i have a couple of restaurants in the klang valley that i've had a chance to get to including illy, whisk,  hungkee to name a few and perhaps my malacca trip as well. 

many entries to come and i will hopefully be working on it this week on top of getting back to learning korean language which i have neglected this past months >.< (sorry ttmik -- this is one problem with self studying -- it's hard to keep it up sometimes. i have been slacking... i need to get motivated!) 

be patient cos i am secretly hoping to be a blog entries churning machine the next few days. i will be working hard to get inspired to write.

till the next time... which i hope will be very soon :)