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it's been a while since i've written something on here. 

so much so that i wasn't sure what this entry should be about..

anywho, a quick update ::

been back in malaysia for the past week and a half after spending four amazing days in tokyo japan. 

yes, there will be entries and tons of food photos from japan and here's a couple of photo teasers until i figure out what to write about.

{rmc} has returned to his home just a few days ago after stuffing ourselves silly both in japan and in malaysia.

and we cooked a huge meal for my family - bacon wrapped dates stuffed with brie and rosemary (yummers!), cream cheese and olive tepenade crostini, garlic bread, two types of pasta dishes, and mushroom-stuffed pork tenderloin with honey balsamic reduction. quite the mouthful but i think they liked it. biggest success were the dates but i have the tenderloin all pictured up and ready for a blog entry when i have the time to get to it.

besides looking for a new job, there are a couple more things set to do like getting limitless wireless internet. i have been going on withdrawals because i have to limit my connectivity to the rest of the world :'( 

oh did i mention the weather, it's hot and humid that i feel sticky all the time >.<

i miss chicago a ton. i want to go back so badly sometimes :'(

however, be excited for my new adventures and a lot of catch ups i have to do on here. :)


ykristen said...

the starters were really good, looking forward to more fantabulous homecooked fm u