chicken & waffles

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i posted {the list} a couple of months back (refer to top right of the page for link as well). i first discovered the list of {1oo things to eat before you die} via facebook and was intrigued to see how many i have checked off - my number is 78, if you were wondering. 

one of which was #18. the unlikely pairing of chicken&waffles. i've heard about it before and have always wanted to try it. the first time i've heard of this marriage of sweet + salty in breakfast + fried chicken meal was from food network's throwdown with bobby flay where melba's chicken and waffles which is a big hit in new york city. there wasn't any melba's here in chi-town so xy and i made our way to chicago's home of chicken & waffles instead.

located south of the loop, i was starving for some good southern comfort. the place was packed and there was almost a line our the door when we got there about noon. xy and i felt a tad awkward/left out cos we were the few rare asians at the restaurant. its decor exuded a traditional southern diner style with a hint of tropical feel. the atmosphere was a bustling and a lil loud with jazz music playing in the background. what more can you ask for? southern fried chicken and jazz music goes hand in hand :)

there were so much that i wanted to try but i just can't get it all in my belly. i had to settle with my entree and i had to convince xy to share a side with me.


to make this meal as what i would call a complete southern comfort meal, i ordered a glass of miss kisha's southern iced tea ($2.80). sadly the tea was too sweet for my liking :/

entree :: the saint | a quarter of dark fried chicken with 2 waffles ($9.95)

i know that the best way to determine how skillful a chef is at cooking fried chicken is how moist they can keep the white meat cuts but gosh dang it, i wasn't going to settle for second best! (in my book, dark meat trumps white meat!). as two waffles topped with scoops of butter accompanied by two pieces of dark meat fried chicken with syrup on the side served was in front of me, i was a tad upset that i had to wait a few minutes before i could dig in for pictures (the sacrifices i go through for blog entries ;) hahah)

i'll start with the not-so-good aspect of the dish: i was disappointed with the waffles. it didn't have the crispy exterior with fluffy insides which is usually how i love waffles to be. this was definitely compensated by the very very yummy fried chicken - moist and succulent, seasoned perfectly with the awesome crispy skin (oh how i love the crunch but oh so bad for you ><). what i'd classify as perfectly done southern fried chicken. now if you put them all together, the chicken, the crispy skin, the waffle and the syrup - LOVE! you get that textural differences of the skin with the waffles then you get the moistness of the chicken. the flavors of slight sweetness of the waffles echoed by the syrup is counter balanced by the savoriness and saltiness of the chicken. beginning to understand the reason behind the success of this unexpected marriage. but overall, i have to say the fried chicken outshone the waffles. regardless, definitely a must try combination!

entree :: carol's treat | a quarter of dark fried chicken smothered in gravy and onions with 2 waffles ($10.45)

xy's pick of the day. the same as the saint only instead of syrup it comes with a gravy ladled over the chicken. i think he had the same sentiments as i did :  chicken > waffles.  the gravy was delicious too and he really enjoyed the dish he ordered despite our disappointment with the waffles.

sides :: mac&cheese ($3.50)

nothing i was too crazy about. it wasn't the type of mac and cheese i was thinking of - if you are looking for creamy, oozing cheese kind of mac and cheese, you might want to skip this one.

if you think that fried chicken, waffles and syrup do not belong together, try your first chicken&waffles here before writing it off completely. history has shown sweet and savory pairings work heavenly together and this dish is no different. if not for chicken and waffles, try this restaurantout for the fried chicken and who knows, you could change our mind and be checking off one of the items from the list of 100 things to try before you die when you get here :)

disclaimer this is written based on my personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others.

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