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author's note whole lot of catching up to do with restaurant entries in chicago >.< you can see which ones they are here and look forward to it in the near future cos i am planning to do a lot of making up for lost time. i have to admit there are dated from last year. this is one that i had last summer/fall so please read it with a grain of salt! i'm sorry!

one of the reasons why i wanted to try to this brunch spot was it had an interesting name and its very own creation of bacon waffles! by now, you should already come to the understanding that i am sucker for bacon anything... so it was perfect when xy told me he had a groupon for kanela breakfast club and we set up a brunch on a beautiful sunday afternoon.  

and guess what? i found out recently from my last visit to my favorite hair stylist that her friend owns this place! what are the odds!? :)

xy was running a lil late and when he got there, he said he made a mistake and forgot to read the fine print on the coupon :: valid only on weekdays >.< nonetheless, since we were here might as well enjoy our brunch here! the place was bustling with people but thank goodness it was only a 10 minute wait. 

the decor of the place exuded a vintage vibe with dark brown being its main color scheme.. for some odd reason, when i look into the restaurant, i imagine myself drinking afternoon tea there with finger sandwiches... it was a narrow but long dining space and i would have appreciated a bit more space between the tables. 

we started out with some freshly squeezed orange juice ($4) - how do i know that? well, my first clue was the fresh orange squeezer machine at the counter up front so you know you are getting the real stuff. :)

savory :: duck confit hash | sunny side eggs + charred scallions + orange truffle vinaigrette, served with herb potatoes ($12)

yes, yes, i know i said i was here mainly for bacon waffles but i changed my mine and was swayed towards duck confit just to see how well they'd execute it. i could definitely taste the scallion and the hints of orange burst but i was missing the earthy truffle flavor. the duck confit was moist as it should be but it was lacking the gamey flavor you would expect. the runny yolk of the sunny side up egg added to the richness of the dish. altogether, the flavors of the dish complimented each other since duck and orange are paired classically.

it came with a generous portion of potatoes that had an herbaceous undertone and seasoned well as well as a side of toast to which you should eat with the fruit spread cos it was really good.

savory :: pork belly benedict | english muffins + poached eggs + brussel sprouts + dried cranberries + hollandaise ($11)

this was xy choice for brunch - he said he enjoyed it - definitely a whole lot better than his experience at bongo room. i had a small bite of the pork belly and it was delicious and as usual, i take poached eggs done right very seriously especially at brunch places and kanela breakfast club passes with flying colors! :)

i would say it was a rather enjoyable experience. the staff seems really friendly and while we were both taking turns taking pictures of the dishes, our server came by and asked us if our food was alright. there was one hitch along the way when i noticed my utensils was not clean (it actually had crude on it) but it was made up by the fact that our server swooped in rather quickly and asked if everything was alright (maybe disgust showed on my face as i was staring at the fork) and quickly replaced it with a clean one and an apology. well done! :)

kanela breakfast club offers a variety of breakfast/brunch choices which are either sweet or savory or both for everyone. don't forget to check out the specials on the chalk board before you order. while i liked my dish, it wasn't a favorite of brunch dishes i've had. instead...if i returned to kanela breakfast club,  i would probably give the bacon waffles a whirl :)

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