paris 1906

7:26 PM Sian Mei Yeoh 0 Comments

i've been refreshing my email inbox the whole day and a special facebook page.

wanna know why i am excited and why i am grinning like a cheshire cat?

this is it:

next restaurant is from the creators of alinea, one of the top restaurants in the world. it is also one of the most anticipated new restaurant of 2011 and its opening night is tonight.

so i am super uber excited that i managed to get a table. i can't wait till the day comes. it's a long time from now but i'm happy that i have a table for this series! :) wine pairing for ryan and non-alcoholic beverages for me.

now i've gotta go save money for the next two months to make up for this splurge. but  i think it's so worth it though (or so i am hoping <3)

well till my next entry. but in the meantime, i am gonna go jump around my apartment with glee!  wheeeeeee!