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a lil break from food to share a lil on what's happening in japan. japanese prime minister naoto kan said that his country was facing its toughest crisis in japan's 65 years of postwar history. my heart fell when i looked the pictures of the aftermath and read about the devastating numbers. now, the survivors are struggling with the depletion of basic necessities and freezing temperatures. it's heartbreaking. :(

taken from paypal.com

being a lil helpless, the one way i could help was to donate. being in the united states, i could donate via america red cross online website but for those outside of north america, i found an article on cbsnews via cheesie's website that links a couple of other ways that you could contribute.

to add on a few more methods of contributing.
01 | donating via paypal
02 | google crisis response where donations go directly to the japanese red cross society

in a video on msnbc.com where petra nemcova, the founder of happy hearts fund and a survivor of the 2004 thailand tsunami mentioned that: "in this trying times, there is still hope where the world shows its unconditional love and there is zero degree of separation between the people of the world." it's great to see the huge support from people around the world (minus some) even in the world of twitter.

all the contributions we can give whether is monetary or remembering japan in prayers would be helpful for them to overcome this tragedy.

some heartwarming translated japanese tweets i read on facebook that brought me close to tears so i thought i might share.

my prayers and thoughts go out to you, japan.
stay strong and i pray for your recovery. <3